Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday November 24, 2009
Tonight…THE Ohio State University
My reputation goes before me.
Or at least by boys say they have trouble sleeping in the same room with me…due to my snoring. Barbara confirms that fact…and she was worried the boys wouldn’t get any sleep last night. However, I let them get an hour head start on me….so I think they got a good night’s sleep…they both said they only woke up one or so…and that I was not snoring too bad last night! I could use a nap…but I thought instead…I would post two Journeys in a row!
We had breakfast at the hotel this morning…then some communications back to the office by email and phone…and then we headed to Shoot around about 11:30…and pre-game meal is next at 3pm and then a “Buckeye Rally” with fans---before we head to the game!
Here is an email I got this morning from Ronald:

Honduran Turkey

Dear brother great to have news from you and good to know that Justin is in Home. I am sending a hug for the three mosketeers , Jonathan, Justin and Benjamin.
As you see in the pictures Daysi , Chelsea ,and Caroline are looking the Turkey for Thanksgiving .
This morning I am going with my little daughter to see the doctor . Caroline will be five years old on December firts and she has trouble when she is talking . She can not pronounce the words very well.
Also I am going with five boys of JEC to see the doctor. Some have cought, allergy and fever.

Enjoy your time in Ohio with your two boys. It is a blessing to be with our sons.

Love you brother.
Ronald Millon
Katie has posted the picture of the Turkey….enjoy. I offered to have one “fed-x” in for Tommy for Thanksgiving! I have never seen a Turkey like that in Honduras….I have seen a lot of another bird that often has Turkey as its first name….they like to circle over dead animals….

I enjoyed watching the Titans win last night…but hate I missed the pork chop sandwiches and the fellowship at the men’s ministry night out! Here is an update from Rick Tamble:

Special hosannas to Chefs Joey Smith, Jeff Parkinson and Jay Segadi for the excellent meal last night which included dry and wet pork chops, chilli and cabbage stew. Tom "The Torch" Herring manned the grill along with Kerry Risley, Jeff, Joey and others. Seth Carmody and Kerry Stiles helped out and special honorable mention to Johnny Dorris for finding the secret hiding place of the big plates. One CPA counted 51 guys there. It was a great night for fellowship and football with the Men's Ministry at Brentwood Hills.

Keep your belts loosened. In 39 days it will be time for our Men's Breakfast, Saturday, Janurary 2nd. Schedule it now so you don't miss. From Tom Whitfield, Kerry Stiles, Jeff Parkinson and the entire Men's Ministry gang (excuse me, Committee) have a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday.

Make your plans now to be at our Men’s Breakfast on January 2nd! Have a great Thanksgiving…travel safely and enjoy your Journey. See you at Grandview tomorrow night for our annual Thanksgiving service at 6:30 pm.
While Traveling with the Bisons...I usually write a Travel Log for you can check out the link:

Click Here to read my travel log from my Journey with the Bisons!


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