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Monday, November 23, 2009
On the road with the Bisons…
Benjamin, Justin and I left today at High Noon with the Bison Basketball team…for about a 6 hour trip to Columbus, Ohio---for tomorrow night’s game with Ohio State.
I got a lot of work done on the bus trip.
Cleaned out files…(as I brought most of my desk with me).
I also…sent and received a lot of emails…and phone calls along the way. The portable office on the bus!
I had started a Journey the other night…but I never finished it…so maybe I will post this one tonight---before I go to sleep ( I have to wait until the boys go to sleep---since if I go to bed first…they can’t get to sleep due to my snoring!)
Here is the latest from Ronald….
Dear hermano Jonathan, as you said Chritsmas is just around the corner. This year the economic situation in Honduras is complicate yet. The Expresident Zelaya continue as refugee at the Brazil Embassy. The Generals elections will be on november 29 , and the families in Honduras are divided.
We are trusting in God that soon this situation will finish.

On another hand , where are you been brother? I try to follow you everyday through your Journey ,but none, now i follow you weekly , sometimes every two weeks.
i know you are so busy. We miss your journey everyday.

On Tuesday I went to visit el limoncillo , the leaders of the community with the preacher invited me to have a meeting with them. They have a problem with the water.
As you know they take the water from the mountain , through iron pipes.
The iron pipes cover over 10 miles , but it is more than 30 years old .
The pipe has completlely deteriorated and now the community is not receiving any water.

They need to change all the iron pipes, they are needing for this project $ 4,000 ( four thousand dollars ) ,
The community has been working with some activities and they recolected a thousand dollars .
My dear brother if you know some friends that would like to help with this project of water pipe for this community , we will apreciate it.
Limoncillo community is asking to you some help with this project.
They are needing urgent the water.

May God bless you
The Journey to the Son continue.
Love you brother.

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Justin arrived home Thursday night….just in time to help Benjamin and I with the Bison-Tennessee Tech game. Bison lost…third straight loss to open the season.
Friday and Saturday….we had a lot of little projects around the house and yard…including mowing, raking leaves, staining the deck, etc!
Then Sunday…after fellowship at the Stiles…we were home to get ready for the BHCC 3rd graders—who were coming out to the house for a cookout and devotional! It was misting…but the rain held off and it was a pleasant November night…the fire felt great…but it was not freezing…the weather was just right!
After arriving here in Colum bus…we enjoyed dinner at Buca…and then I went to a film session and team meeting…and then in the room to watch the Titans (They just won their 4th straight game---Houston went down!) and to do some work…phone calls…emails…and checking out our broadcast equipment.
Tomorrow…a typical game day. Breakfast about 9 am…shoot around at noon…an afternoon to get last minute things ready for the broadcast…and then pre-game…then a Bison rally…and a game against THE Ohio State University.
It should be a fun night.
Have a great Journey!

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