Jonathan’s Journey
Friday November 20, 2009

This is not a Citation...

Wednesday afternoon a metro police car pulled up to the administrative door at BHCC and the next thing I knew...everyone in the building started whispering..”What do the police want?”

In a matter of minutes...Bethany (who was studying in the conference room) came to my office to get me...saying, “He want to talk to you about parking tickets”.

By the time I got to the conference room he was talking to others...telling them about “parking citations”! He had us all thinking that he was issuing parking citations to our members----and we were all scratching our heads wondering what we had done!

He then smiled....laughed and shared with us the “parking ticket”---that looked like the real thing...but had printed in bold print..”This is not a Citation”.

He was very nice...and he went on to share with us all that Metro officers were going through area parking lots---putting citations on cars as a courtesy reminder.

“This is a courtesy reminder to secure all valuables in the trunk of your vehicle while it is unattended to reduce your chances of being the victim of vehicle break-in”

This is a reminder courtesy of the Metro Nashville Police Dept.

Inside the citation are seven pointers that the Metro Nashville Police Dept. as they encourage all of us to “PARK SMART”!

i am not sure when the officers will be in our lot...but if you have items left in your might get at CITATION!

Speaking of Citations---lookout for “speeding tickets”---now that the speed limit has been reduced to 45 MPH in front of the BHCC Church they are out in force---to make sure that we are not exceeding the speed limit.

Earlier on Wednesday....I had the honor to MC the Lipscomb Fast Break Club...talking to Coach Bennett and Coach Sanderson...along with former Bison Darren Henry. Darren is now the head coach at Centennial High School in Franklin. Darren played his last two years of High School Basketball at Franklin High School...before playing for Lipscomb from 1987-1990. He later played pro ball (mostly CBA and oversees)---including at least one exhibition season when he was trying to make the Atlanta Hawks.

Since he was from Franklin---and he could shoot very long three pointers! Every time he shot one...I would say “From the Square in Franklin”...and if he shot a real long shot..I would says that one was shot from Five Points!

Most of my week has been back to back meetings. We have been doing a lot of planning and organizing...make job assignments for the staff, etc.

Thursday morning...I was tapped to help with a video that the David Lipscomb Camp help encourage parents to support their annual fund campaign. It only took a few takes for us to get my part the tough part---the production company has to go and edit the video!!!

This morning (Friday) I was in Ace Hardware (near Old Hickory Blvd--just across from Walmart)---and I was asked to help with a promotion video for a greeting card company. They were shooting a promotion video to send to other try and convince them to put a rack of cards in their business.

Not sure if should go anywhere tomorrow...not sure I can handle three days of vido shooting.

Sorry...I can’t post any emails...(I have one from Ronald I want to share...and will soon...) However, I can’t get into my email at you will have to wait for the updates.

Justin got home (really he arrived at Allen Arena) just before tip-off...and he, Benjamin and I broadcast the game. Lipscomb lead early...then fell behind at halftime. The Bisons made a run and had a chance to send the game to overtime...if we could have “But it in the Book” the Bisons missed a three pointer as time ran out!

I had a couple of projects to help Barbara with this morning (and we have a full morning of yard work planned for tomorrow)---and then we went to the hospital to visit Ronnie Hunter---before he had hand surgery today...and then another hospital stop before we went by church...and then to Franklin for a couple of stops.

Tonight...after dinner...Barbara headed to the play in Brentwood! Justin and I settled in to watch the Tar Heels. They got down early...came back to lead at half...but they were so cold in the second half...that they got out scored 20-1 to start the second half. The Heels made a run...but not enough as they suffered their first loss of the year. They are young and over rated....but I think they will get better. And, by the way...we were the 2009 National Champions!

Getting tired...and got a full weekend scheduled....including our fellowship meeting on Sunday...and then a 3rd grade picnic at our house Sunday House.

My dad has what appears to be a mild case of pneumonia---he is on medicine---and we hope he will be well enough to travel here next week with my brother and his we gather for Thanksgiving.

Before we eat the Turkey...Benjamin, Justin and I are heading to Columbus, Ohio to take on THE Ohio State---the game is set for Tuesday night.

Another beautiful day today....but we might get some rain by Sunday.

Have a great Journey!!

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