Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday November 17, 2009

Meetings…updates and a little basketball…

Two full days of meetings…and planning sessions…more meetings scheduled for tomorrow!

Here is a note from Tommy…after I posted my Journey on Sunday….

I just read you 11/15 Meander, I mean Journey. It is nice to get your weekly update. I, like a host of others, hoped that with Katie now there and Ashley helping out you might write just a bit more often. Well, maybe once Katie has had a chance to settle in (and essentially take over all your duties except eating lunch with various folks) you will find a little more available time. Oh, I so hope so!

You listed many things which you felt you needed to do better. You sounded like you thought you were a pretty much all around failure. Please do not feel that way. I am sure that in at least one of those areas (I'm not exactly sure which one right this moment) you are doing OK or at least not TOO bad. Don't you worry, I am sure someone will be able to point out where you do well! Hey, you do wear nifty and colorful ties! It's a start.

I will admit that my whole view today could be skewed slightly by my rather deep depression (medication appears to be required) over the losses by Tennessee and Lipscomb yesterday. Along with the Lady Bison loss the night before. But the Titans big victory today has buoyed my spirits slightly.

Anyway, thank you for your Walk (or Journey or whatever) today.

By the way, did they let you sing or play an instrument at the CMA rehearsal? That would have been neat!

Also, I was just wondering, will you conduct the interview of the missionary tonight in Nigerian? You are so talented! Good luck.

Tommy Clevenger

By the way the interview with Dr. Bob Whitaker went good…and I didn’t conduct the interview in Nigerian! Dr. Whitaker’s testimony was very uplifting….Speaking of uplifting…here is a report from Ronald Millon:

Dear brother Jonathan and dear family from Brentwoodhills, the Lord continue blessing many lifes through our lives . That is good. This weekend we went with my family to El Salvador to visit a preacher graduated from Baxter Institute . He received a transplant of kidney last wednesday.
when he saw me through a window he was so happy. His name is Herber martinez and his wife´s name is Miriam. They have no children , but his wife is praying that theLord can provide a son .
Herber lost both kidney , but a member of the church in El Salvador made the donation .
The name of the donator is David. I had the oportunity to talk with him .
Herber will be in the Hospital for one more week, and he needs to be in a small room alone for almost three months.
Hope Herber could have a great recuperation and continue preaching the good news of Jesus.
Our journey was a blessing for my family. We enjoyed the trip ,we talked many things with Daysi and my little girls. We talked about our plans an dreams as family. Chelsea and caroline enjoyed a lot the trip. We had a great oportunity tobe close as a family.
We talked about Chelsea´s school,also that the next year Caroline is going to kinder,
Daysi´s plans, we talked about you and Justin, about thanksgivig day in USA. , christmas , my family in costa Rica, our daughter in USA, the church in Limoncilo, etc, etc. God is good .

We are really grateful with God for Brentwoodhill church. With your love and support we can do a lot of thing to exalt the name of Jesus.
We are your servants.
Brother Jonathan how can i forget someone like a great heart , like you. Never.
You continue blessing my life and my family. You are a man of God.
We love you and we miss you.
Ronald Millon

Tonight…was graduation at Grandview….and here is the latest information from Jan Garner:

We hope everyone has had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

We are in the middle of preparing certificates for Tuesday night's ceremony, and we have a record number of students receiving them. In order to receive a certificate, a student must attend at least 8 of the 11 classes. We have 30 students who have already hit that number and another 20 who will qualify if they attend Tuesday night's class. That doesn't include the 11 students from the Computer class who have also qualified. In addition, we have three students who will have perfect attendance. They are Jorge Carrillo (Jan Harris's student), Jose Bobadilla (Jim Arnett & David Deeb's student) and Vidali Sarmiento (from the Computer 2 class).

Because of the large number of recipients, we will probably let each teacher bring all the students in his/her class being recognized up to the front at one time - then present the certificates to the individual students. Our classes will be dismissed promptly at 7:15, and we ask that you and your students get into the auditorium as soon as possible. After the presentation we will celebrate with cake, cookies and ice cream!

A letter is being prepared to hand out to the students tomorrow night. It will thank them for their hard work, remind them that we are off for the month of December and let them know when classes will resume in January. It will also invite them to the Thanksgiving Eve Service at Grandview on Wednesday, November 25th. We will also give them a coupon, which will entitle them to a bag of free groceries. They will be able to pick up their groceries either on that Wednesday night or at an earlier specified time in the week.

Roberto was to fly back to Nashville late last night after the death of his father, Raul Santiago. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Roberto, Ginger and their whole family. We know it was a blessing to Roberto to be able to be with his father during his last days.

We can't begin to thank all our teachers and childcare helpers enough for your hard work and commitment this semester. You have been wonderful! Our students have been more consistent than ever this semester, and we really think this is due to having an adequate number of volunteers who have been so dedicated to this ministry. You have really made a difference in the lives of your students!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

Dick and Jan

Thanksforgiving is going great. We have a lot of “double bagged” meals ready for delivery. Our Club 56 group and others have been helping to sort and pack our bags. Delivery will begin this week. Thanks to everyone that brought bags of food. Meanwhile, this Sunday night the Grandview church will be sorting food and preparing sacks of food to give away next Wednesday night following our combined worship at the Grandview---that begins at 6:30 pm. I hope everyone is making their plans to be at Grandview next Wednesday evening.

The Bisons looked a little better last night…as we trailed Vanderbilt by just 7 points at halftime…before losing by 22 points. Next up Tennessee Tech…at Lipscomb on Thursday night. Justin is coming home Thursday for the Thanksgiving…so we will have a three man broadcast crew.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be hosting the Lipscomb Fast Break luncheon….interviewing both coaches…along with former Bison Daren Henry. It should be a lot of fun.

I am going to post….I keep falling a sleep…amd messing up typing.

Enjoy the Journey….

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