Jonathan’s Journey
Sunday November 15, 2009
I know…you have help now…so where is the Journey?????
I have the best of intentions.
I want to be better husband. A better father. A better minister. I Have good intentions to co all of the little projects that Barbara wants done at the house…to clean up my storage area here at church…to get organized.
I have good intentions.
However….good intentions…don’t get me to the computer to write and to post a new Journey!
(Maybe I should just use my Dictaphone and dictate a Journey while driving in each day or on the way home! I am usually in the car alone….and usually talking to myself…practicing something…so I could dictate a Journey! Several years ago, when Vic and Pam McKee and their family lived outside of Nashville---Vic and I would send tapes to each other….to listen to while traveling to work…and they were often recorded while we were driving around town…making stops at the cleaners, the car wash, the bank, etc.---Maybe it is time to bring that back…and instead of typing the Journey…you could listen to my ramblings as a podcast!----Dream on….Good Intentions!)
Speaking of Vic---he joined Burt Nowers, David Malin, Jeff Hunter, Ronnie Hunter and myself for lunch on Tuesday at the “Corner”! It was good to be with all of these men.
Tuesday I got word…that Shipley Landiss---had gotten me two “rehearsal” tickets to the CMA! Bethany has been dying to get tickets to the CMA. With these tickets…we would be able to go to the arena and see all of the acts perform during rehearsal….and then be back to BHCC in time for the Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal…class…and elder’s meeting!
Benjamin had to work with the Titans on Wednesday…so he couldn’t go with his sister. (Both are big Country music fans….and would have enjoyed the show together.) Barbara had some plans for the day…so Bethany and I got to make it a “father-daughter” outing! I picked her up at school by 11:15…we went to McDonalds…to change clothes…and go t food to eat in the car. (We were concerned traffic and parking would be a problem…since Broadway was closed for the Veterans Day Parade.) However, no problem….we were able to get to a parking lot about a block from the Arena---and we were able to enter shortly after they opened the doors…a little bit before noon.
For the next three and half hours…we sat enjoy the show….see the behind the scenes along with what will be seen on ABC TV later that night! It was a lot of fun an entertaining!
I didn’t get to watch the program Wednesday night due to activities, class and meetings at BHCC. So, Thursday night---Elizabeth and Benjamin came to the house for dinner and we played back the CMA show (Fast forward through commercials and other parts we didn’t want to watch….to catch all the big acts…and presentations! (I was multi-talking as we watched…editing audio for both the Mustang and Bison broadcast. Laptop on my lap…one ear on the editing and one ear on the CMA!)
Barbara and Bethany are on a ”mother-daughter” shopping trip this weekend. Justin drove up to Birmingham—Saturday to have lunch with his mom an sister. They had a good visit. He will be heading home on Thursday….for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Meanwhile…yesterday…I went to see my great nephew---Andon Morrow play soccer. (at his age…watching him run around the field…trying to get into position to kick the ball! He enjoyed the water breaks…and the snack after the game! It was beautiful November Day (God is blessing us with great weather!)
The rest of the day…had me cleaning out boxes and a computer hutch at home…preparing notes for my Bison game last night (Lost the season—home opener to Elon 91-86---we got to Vanderbilt on Monday)---along with watching a lot of Football! Carolina won over Miami!
I must finish clean-up at home this afternoon….and then hurry back for a 4:30 meeting at BHCC! Tonight I will work with Walt to interview Dr. Robert Whitaker—the physician from the Nigerian Christian Hospital…who was kidnapped and shot and held for ransom—three months ago. It should be a very informative and uplifting service.
We will post some more information….on the web (you might remember we had several articles posted during the ordeal.)
Have a great Journey today…and we look forward to being with you tonight.

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