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Monday November 9, 2009

Katie’s first day.

Help has arrived!

Sarah Wise left the end of August….and the search for a replacement was in full swing. During the last couple of months…Ashley Mize (who served as one of our summer interns) has been helping out in the office—especially with several of our projects. Ashley has been a big help…and beginning in January she will be helping with our Children’s Ministry and helping to fill in for Diane Kennedy.

Meanwhile, we have hired Katie Culberson to serve as my administrative assistant.
She began work today.

We spent several hours going over details…and she began on the job training with the other ladies in the office today. She is soaking it in!

I am excited to have some help!
Sorry….that I haven’t posted a Journey in a week or so….but since the 25 Hours or Prayer…I have been busy with a lot of things at the office….a little football and the Bisons opened the season last week with an exhibition game with Freed Hardeman.
Saturday….I went over to Lipscomb to help Benjamin with the equipment so---he and Ben Flatt could broadcast a Lady Bison game….however the school had a campus wide power failure…and they never got on the air! The game was played with emergency lighting….and a flip-chart scoreboard!
Later that afternoon we went to the Braden and Reed White’s first birthday celebration! The Twins had a great time celebrating their first birthday with friends and family!

I got home a little after 2:30 (Barbara and Bethany went shopping)…I watch and listen to the Carolina-DOOK game! I had to do some painting outside…so I listen to most of the first half on my XM Radio. I caught most of the second half on TV…and then a little later that night watch some of the UT game…and the Vandy game!

Sunday after worship and Sunday school…Barbara, Bethany and I went to Bricks for lunch…and then we came home to prepare the “rec” room for painting. Barbara spent today (Monday) painting. I helped here a little while tonight…as she put the second coat on the walls.

I got to watch part of the Carolina-Florida International game ( the opening game for the Tar Heels) before I had to join the painting crew!

Getting late…so I will close for now….
Here is a news update from Ronald…he has sent some pictures that I will try to post a little later.

Good morning brother , hope everything is well with you Barbara and the rest of your beautiful family..

Another busy week , another oportunity to serve the Lord. That is our reason to be in JEC. Just to serve our little brothers and employees in JEC.
On Monday we received the visit of the preacher from Limoncillo. he has been with his family as our guess in our house. We has been a good time with them,. Also the preacher has many talents for to work . For example he is a contructor, electricist, and carpenter.
During these three days he has been colaborating with us in JEC, in diferents projects of construction.May God bless this man of God and his family.

On Tuesday attending meetings with the Doctors, . One of our boys suffered an accident in his little hand , but thanks God he is doing good. His name is Gustavo.
Also we are running to open three techical classes before christmas for the boys. The technical classes are : Refrigeration, electricity and welding.
Hope these classes be ready next month.

Meeting with the hosue parents, sharing with them some ideas , listen them theirs dificulties and how the Lord could help us .
Also I continue dealing with some dificult employees, that has been stealing from the Institution, and are in contact with Noel Ayala yet and Noel Ayala with Harris . We hope to clean JEC in christmas from these kind of people. It is dangerous , but we are trusting in God . Some of these bad employees have threatened others to not speak , but Thanks God some start to talk with the trust.
Some times i am afraid too , . Please keep us in your prayers.
As you know Noel lives close Jovenes and he is asking everything about JEC.

Well my dear friend , i know you continue busy too. Just let me finish , telling you that the Lord is blessing JEc and his presence is everyday with the boys. I am dreaming to extend
JEC in others places too.
Just i want to give honor and Glory to our Lord Jesus. Amen.

Love you brother. The Journey to the Son continue.
I am sending all my love for the church , my elders and deacons.

with christian love
Ronald Millon
Since I hadn’t written a Journey in a few days….Ronald sent this message:
Hello brother. Where are you ? Are you o.k?
Just i want to tell you that we love you. May God bless you brother.
Is cold in Zamorano.
Christmas time is close.
Have a great day in Jesus.
Love you
ronald Millon
We need to try this here at BHCC….
Dears brothers and sister of the board and friends.

Last week we started a project called : PUT THE TRASH IN ITS PLACE.
We bought some barrels and one of our employees Israel has made them into trash can , so that the boys and adults learn to put the trash in its place.
Also so that the boy learn to care for and keep clean JEC campus.

It has been a great activity in that all the employees and boys are working together learning to care for JEC. We have put trash can in the dorms , cafeteria, wood shop, and guard building .
Next month we hope to have more in the pool area , the barn, the library and playing fields.

May God bless all .
With christian love .
Ronald Millon
Here is what is happening at Grandview…this week…as the volunteers prepare for English Classes tomorrow night:
It's hard to believe that after tomorrow night, we only have one more night of classes in the fall semester! It has certainly flown by, and we are so thankful to all of you for the efforts you have made to help each of our students to be successful. Many have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to have English or Computer classes at no cost, and they all seem to love their teachers.

Mary Merritt is compiling the list of those who will receive certificates next week. In the past we have required that our students attend at least 9 of the 12 classes in order to receive one. Since we are only offering 11 classes this semester, we're going to give certificates to all those who have attended 8 of the 11 classes. For those of you who haven't taught before, we like for our teachers to be part of the certificate ceremony and actually be able to hand the certificate to their students. After the ceremony, we all celebrate with a party! Please let us know if any of you are willing to bring cake, cookies or brownies for our party.

On a serious note, Roberto flew to Cancun this past week to be with his dad, who is critically ill. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Roberto and Ginger, their family and his extended family as they deal with ministering to their father in his final hours.

See you tomorrow night!

Dick and Jan

Have a great Journey this week!
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