Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday October 31, 2009

25-Hours of Prayer…is underway

This has been a busy week.
Most of Wednesday was devoted to our “Empty Bowl Project/ Trunk or Treat”! God provided great weather---sandwiched in between several days of rain! It was a mild evening…the kids had a blast going from car to car to get goodies…and we had a wonderful meal provide my Marcia Mullins and her crew---with nearly $3500 being raised to help feed the Hungry.

Jesse Taylor stepped up at the last minute and filled in for Andy Flatt---who got called into a meeting at work---leading us in singing. Mark McInteer had the devotional thoughts…and we had a wonderful outside devotional.

Everyone was a big help with clean-up---and when the final bell rang for class to be over…we were putting the final touches on cleaning-up!

Thursday and Friday we turned our attention to this weekend and our 25-Hours of Prayer.
(Thursday---I had a little side track---since Mustang Football game was moved to Thursday night…to dodge the rain---good thing we played in the dry…and won over East Lit 17-13…and everyone on Friday night played in the MUD!)

By the way---the other morning as I was driving to work…from Nipper’s Corner…you could see the “Brentwood Hills” in the distance---it was a cloudy morning…with the Sun shining on just a section of the hills…and it was about as beautiful of a fall scene that I have seen in my life. God is awesome.

Friday…Judy, Ashley, Barry, Michael, Ophelia, Drew and others….all of us were busy getting everything ready for the 25-Hours of Prayer. I really appreciate all of their help. Michael cleaned the conference room windows and table…and everyone worked extra hard to make it just right for the Breakfast and for our day of praying.

I hope you are following the 25 Hours of Prayer…on the web…we have been updating the web every hour!

Here is my Journey…that will appear in the Highlights…tomorrow:

Jonathan’s Journey

As I write this we are preparing for our 25 Hours of Prayer…and as you read it…we will just have completed another year of spending 25 hours to pray for every member, every ministry and hundreds of special prayer request.
Thank you for your participation—wither here at the building---at home or on the internet! We appreciate you sharing your prayer request and taking the time to pray with us this year.
We serve a powerful, awesome God! He demonstrated that again this week by providing us a beautiful evening for our “Empty Bowl Project/ Trunk or Treat”—sandwiched between several days of rain!
Thank you for your generosity! We raised nearly $3500 to help feed the hungry!

Time to Smile!
It is that time again…when we line up and get our pictures made for our NEW PICTORIAL DIRECTORY! During the week you can sign-up on line and each Sunday you can stop by the table in the foyer to sign-up for a picture sitting time.

Just around the Corner….
The Holiday Season is about to begin….Thanksforgiving is coming up…Our annual combined Thanksgiving Service at Grandview—November 25th beginning at 6:30 pm…Breakfast with Santa is scheduled for Saturday December 12th beginning at 9 am! The Overton High School chorus will perform for us on Sunday night December 13th.

This year Kerry Stiles is working on a musical presentation to kick off the Holiday Season! It is planned for the Family Life Center—Sunday night December 6th after our evening worship. More details in the next few weeks.

It will soon be time to get out my holiday ties! Speaking of ties we all need to head over to Healing Hands International next week to get some new ones and support Healing Hands (check out the details in the next column).

Hope you have a great week! God is still molding us as we are Light and Love on our Journey to the SON!

Ronald Millon sent in a lot of prayer request this morning…and he has been praying with us from Honduras:

Good morning brother . i sent a lot of petitions this morning.
I will be with all of you in prayers from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m

May God bless you
Ronald Millon

Here is the latest News from Ronald….
Dear brother Jonathan, greetings in the name of the Lord.
What a blassing weeking for to serve the Lord. Friday I sent a group of boys to Valle de Angeles to visit and learn how they can make small things with wood. They returned almost 5:00 p.m.
on Friday i had the visit of some professors from Catholic University, they came to supervise the three Pschologyst that are making their social work with us. Then after the meeting I had another meeting with the two new Doctors .
In the afternoon i was working with one of the psichologyst redacting our Vision and Mision of JEC.
Also during afternoon I dedicated part of my time playing soccer with the boys.
Saturday morning one of the house parents brought to my office five boys that visited Valle de Angeles . These five boys stunned some articles in Valle de Angeles. I felt so sad with them. When the house parent show these boys , one of them was crying. He was very sorry, i saw that he was embarras. He can't talk, just he told me Sorry Uncle Ronald. I am really sorry.
The five boys were in front of me. All were with their heads down.
I said , I forgive all of you, and I will continue trusting in you. But Tomorrow all you needs to goback to Valle de Angeles and return all the things that all of you stunned.
You need to talk with owner and tell her I am sorry.

I gave them a hug , and i guess they learned the lesson.

Saturday afternoon , i went to Danli to visit Daysi's Uncle. She is an old lady , she is 82 years old. She has been very sick. we pray for her , and we let a pocket of Juice and milk.
We returned home at night.
Sunday , time to go to the church with the boys.

I continue dreaming with JEC. One of my dreams is all these boys love Jesus ,love his church.
Another dream is , extending JEC. in others city ,like Danli.
More later about this dream.
Say hello all my family from Brentwoodhills. I am very thankfull for support our work at JEC.

Today i ha d the oportunity to talk by phone with brother Dick. It was great to ear hermano Dick.

Love you brother.
Have a great day in Jesus . The Journey to the Son continue.
More tomorrow.
Say hello brother Tommy, Ronnie Hunter , and all my elders and deacons.
Ronald Millon

Here is a report from Jarrod Brown…with an update on the political situation in Honduras:

FOUR months after Manuel Zelaya was hauled out of bed at gunpoint, flown to Costa Rica in a military plane, and replaced by Roberto Micheletti as president of Honduras, negotiators for the two sides have reached an agreement to put an end to the country’s political crisis. On Thursday October 29th, representatives of both the deposed and de facto presidents declared they would ask the Congress—which voted to name Mr Micheletti president after Mr Zelaya was exiled—to hold a new vote on whether to reinstate him for the remaining three months of his term. They pledged to abide by the result.

The deal was hailed for its importance in the consolidation of democracy in the region. There is no doubt that the agreement represents a significant victory for foreign leaders, and particularly for Barack Obama, whose decision to send a high-level diplomatic mission to Honduras two days earlier provided the decisive push to conclude the talks. It establishes both a path for a possible return to office for Mr Zelaya and stops him from calling a constituent assembly, a body with the job of rewriting the constitution. His opponents say this would have enabled him to eliminate the country’s ban on presidential re-election.

With Mr Zelaya’s approval of the deal, the rest of the world will be able to recognise the presidential elections set for November 29th, and to begin restoring the diplomatic relations and financial assistance that were cut off after the coup. But it is far less clear whether the pact will truly end the crisis or whether it simply shifts the venue for addressing it from the negotiating table to the the legislature.

Mr Zelaya’s supporters are convinced that the arrangement paves the way for his restoration to power in a matter of days. Although the deal does not set a date for a congressional vote or prejudge its outcome, the deposed president’s camp says their leader would not have accepted the proposal if he had not had strong informal assurances that he would be returned to office promptly.

Yet such confidence seems somewhat misplaced. Because Mr Zelaya’s Liberal Party is split over the coup—at least a third of its members are vehemently opposed to his reinstatement—he will need the votes of the rival National Party to obtain a majority. And the Nationals, whose presidential candidate, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, holds a comfortable lead in the polls, would be hard-pressed to vote to restore Mr Zelaya, since their supporters loathes him and they benefit from the Liberals’ split.

One leading National politician says the party will probably try to delay a vote on Mr Zelaya’s future until after the presidential election. It is unclear whether such a strategy would be seen as an act of bad faith that undermines the agreement, since the Nationals were not part of the discussions.

Moreover, Mr Zelaya’s legal status is yet to be determined. Since both sides agreed not to include an amnesty for political crimes in the deal, the deposed president technically remains a fugitive, facing 18 different charges. He is still safe as a guest at the Brazilian embassy, where he holed up after sneaking into the country covertly a month ago. But he could be arrested the minute he steps outside. Having insisted for months that Mr Zelaya should be detained and tried as soon as he steps on Honduran soil, the de facto government and the courts will probably have to offer him an amnesty of their own—or at least a delayed prosecution—if they want to retain the support of the rest of the world.

Even if the agreement does not provide a definitive answer to Honduras’s political divisions, it should get foreign aid flowing again soon—a critical development for a poor country dependent on external assistance. In that sense, it is a victory for the Honduran people, regardless of whom they call their president for the next three months.
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We are getting Ready to begin the 12th hour of our 25-Hours of Prayer! I hope you have a great Journey to the Son…I have a lot of web updates to do tonight! Have a great Halloween Evening!
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