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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
A Rainy Day in Nashville….or should I say another Rainy Day…
We have had a lot of rain….and today was another rainy day in Nashville.
Yesterday---I was in early for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks. It is uplifting and a great way to start the business week.
Much of Monday….was cleaning up…and get organized from the weekend. Walt and I try to get together every week to do some planning…and sharing…so we started the week with a lunch meeting.
On the way home yesterday….I talked to mom and dad…to find out about their weekend. We talked about the big rock slide near the state line on I-40. Both lanes will be closed for the next month…maybe three months. We might have to find a new route…when we head home for the holidays.
Last night…we moved some furniture around in the “rec room” ---since the pool table is gone. I still have a few stacks of papers to go through…before I get that room organized. I also went outside to blow some leaves off the deck and driveway…to be a little ahead of the weather.
Today…I got the oil changed in my truck this morning…then I went to Sam’s and a few other places to pick up some supplies for BHCC. Lunch with Ronnie Hunter…a meeting with Don Barker…an update on projects from Ashley and others….and then it was time to head home…for birthday dinner with Elizabeth and Benjamin! Liz got the special plate…and a menu that both she and Benjamin enjoy!
I also took dinner over to Bob and Jane Forrester…as Bob continues to recover from pneumonia.
After dinner….the kids had to head back to campus for meeting and to do some school work. Bethany, Barbara and I have been watching “The Biggest Loser”…I have been typing elder meeting minutes…and a few other projects.
Now---watching the news….and thinking about Mustang Football.
I got an email this morning…that the last regular season game this week with East List…is being moved from Friday to Thursday night. The school officials are hoping to dodge some heavy rain due into the area on Friday.
It does look like tomorrow is suppose to be nice---as we host our “Empty Bowl” project and “Trunk or Treat” at 5 pm. The only dry day for the rest of this week.
(The news just reported that it will now take three months to move the rock of I-40.)
Almost time for Andy….get ready!
By the way…Fish reward points on 94.1 FM….they are doubling the points this week. Still waiting on my $50.00 check.
Here is an update from Ronald:
Dear brother Jonathan, greetings in the name of the Lord.
What a blassing weeking for to serve the Lord. Friday I sent a group of boys to Valle de Angeles to visit and learn how they can make small things with wood. They returned almost 5:00 p.m.
on Friday i had the visit of some professors from Catholic University, they came to supervise the three Pschologyst that are making their social work with us. Then after the meeting I had another meeting with the two new Doctors .
In the afternoon i was working with one of the psichologyst redacting our Vision and Mision of JEC.
Also during afternoon I dedicated part of my time playing soccer with the boys.
Saturday morning one of the house parents brought to my office five boys that visited Valle de Angeles . These five boys stunned some articles in Valle de Angeles. I felt so sad with them. When the house parent show these boys , one of them was crying. He was very sorry, i saw that he was embarras. He can't talk, just he told me Sorry Uncle Ronald. I am really sorry.
The five boys were in front of me. All were with their heads down.
I said , I forgive all of you, and I will continue trusting in you. But Tomorrow all you needs to goback to Valle de Angeles and return all the things that all of you stunned.
You need to talk with owner and tell her I am sorry.

I gave them a hug , and i guess they learned the lesson.

Saturday afternoon , i went to Danli to visit Daysi's Uncle. She is an old lady , she is 82 years old. She has been very sick. we pray for her , and we let a pocket of Juice and milk.
We returned home at night.
Sunday , time to go to the church with the boys.

I continue dreaming with JEC. One of my dreams is all these boys love Jesus ,love his church.
Another dream is , extending JEC. in others city ,like Danli.
More later about this dream.
Say hello all my family from Brentwoodhills. I am very thankfull for support our work at JEC.

Today i ha d the oportunity to talk by phone with brother Dick. It was great to ear hermano Dick.

Love you brother.
Have a great day in Jesus . The Journey to the Son continue.
More tomorrow.
Say hello brother Tommy, Ronnie Hunter , and all my elders and deacons.
Ronald Millon
Ronald is a great man of God….I really appreciate his HEART….
Football on Thursday night this week…and then next Thursday night Basketball at Lipscomb University….and here is some information from Trevor Garrett---about activities next Tuesday night in Allen Arena:
With basketball season right around the corner, Lipscomb Athletics is hosting a Meet Your Seat night next Tuesday Nov. 3 in conjunction with HoopapaLUza, the annual basketball kickoff event.
The afternoons events will kick off at 3 p.m. with George Plaster, Willy Daunic, and Darren McFarland from 104.5 The Zone broadcasting live in front of Allen Arena. Fans are welcome to stop by to purchase season tickets for this years basketball season, meet the Sports Zone team, and your Bisons teams and friends.
There will be a wide range of fun activities throughout the afternoon including inflatables, a corn hole tournament, and a hole-in-one golf contest. The grill will be fired up with complementary hamburgers.
Season tickets for all Bisons and Lady Bisons basketball games are $150. Any fan purchasing three season tickets will receive a fourth season ticket free.
The Meet you seat activities will conclude at 6:30 p.m. when the Lipscomb volleyball team takes on Austin Peay on the Allen Arena floor. The Lady Bisons are 20-3 overall and on a 17 match win streak.
Beginning at 7 p.m., The Zones Clay Travis and Chad Withrow will broadcast live from the south end zone of Allen Arena.
Following a short break after the volleyball match, HoopapaLUza explodes on the court beginning at 9 p.m. In a fast paced series of events, the 2009-10 Bisons and Lady Bisons team members will be introduced. There will be a 3-point shootout contest, a dunk contest with celebrity judges, and special entertainment by the Lady Bisons.
There will be cash prizes, gift card giveaways, and a free television given away in a series of drawings throughout the event. Ice Cream will be given away by the players at the conclusion. Fans are invited to stay around and visit with players, coaches, and friends after HoopapaLUza.
Plans are for 104.5 The Zone to broadcast throughout HoopapaLUza with the Overtime Show hosted by Brent Dougherty and Mickey Ryan on the air from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
If you are unable to attend the event but would like to purchase season tickets, please call the Lipscomb Athletic Ticket Office at 615-966-5899.

I still need help with 25 HOURS OF Prayer.
Here are some slots where we still need people to pray:
Empty Hours:
2 – 3 pm
3 – 4 pm
5 – 6 pm
7 – 8 pm
3 – 4 am
4 - 5 am

Still Need 19 Captains

3 Shift Commanders:
4 -8 pm
8 – 12 pm
4 – 8 am

If you can help…email me at or email Ashley Mize at
Thanks for helping…and have a great Journey to the Son!

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