Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday October 19, 2009
The War between the States….
Our journey today…was a travel back in time…the the 1860’s…and the beginning of the Civil War. We took a Harbor Tour…that took us to Ft Sumter…located in the Charleston Harbor…about a mile off shore. South Carolina was the first state to leave the Union…and the first battle took place here in the Charleston Harbor.
Interestingly….the Confederate Army….fired on the Union Army (the Union Army occupied Fr. Sumter) for nearly 30 hours…before the Union Army surrendered---believe it or not---no one was killed during the battle! The first casualty of the war…came…after the battle…when the Union Commander was being honored with a 100 cannon salute. A miss-fire or accident during the salute…cost an Union soldier his life….the first casualty of the war.
A war that would split families…tear apart our country and eventually…strengthen our Nation to the most powerful country in the world.
I had heard of Fort Sumter all my life…but this was my first visit to this Historic site.
After our boat ride and ride and tour…we headed back to historic Charleston for lunch at Hyman’s Seafood---a famous restaurant…where the stars all eat in Charleston! I sat and eat at the same place Hulk Hogan eat! Right beside Mel Gibson!
The rest of our afternoon was filled with shopping in the market place, and looking at historic house and buildings…many along rainbow row (multi---bright colored building fronts)!
Answer emails…reading the paper..watching some TV…have made for a relaxing evening!
Tomorrow we fly out around 3 pm….so we will be up early to walk the beach, pack and then hit a few last minute stops…before heading home.
We pray…that our airport experience will be smooth tomorrow…no more nightmares…like last week!
Have a great Journey….
From my friend Ronald Millon…
My dear old man, the Lord knows how I love your advices and I really apreciate all that you do for me and my family.
On another hand , we hope things will be better going home , after the diferents problemas that you had at the Airport. It sounds like you was visiting Honduras.
Enjoy your Journey and have a great time in Palms Isle.

Dios le bendiga
Love you brother
Ronald Millon
Ronald…is right…and while we were having all the airport trouble…I kept saying…I am glad that I don’t have a group of 80 going to Honduras…and our flight is being cancelled!!!!

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