Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday October 17, 2009
Plane touches down in Charlotte at 11:15 pm EDST….rental car connection…luggage pick-up…drive to Charleston…arrive around 4 am!
We are here!
And after about five and half hours of sleep…we are awake…looking out at the ocean…and I just checked the weather to see that it is 55 degrees here…and 45 degrees back home! The sun is peaking through the clouds!
A light rain welcomed us to North Carolina....but not long into our early morning drive we were out of the rain! Barbara and I shared the driving….and we arrived here on schedule.
That is about the only thing that has been on schedule the past two days!
I have a few pictures…that I will try to post later (But, I have to hurry…Barbara is ready for us to start the tour!)
The plane that we finally got on last night…came in from Charlotte, NC---and they turned it around and headed it back to Charlotte. Barbara spotted Kristy Hinton getting off the plane….and after a short visit with her…she told Barbara that Ronnie and Jeff Hunter were also on that flight.
They had been to a “digital impression” training session. (Due to my trouble doing “crown impressions” they had thought of me often during their training). So, as they headed home…we took their seat and headed to Charlotte.
I listened to Mustang game over the internet…and then my phone…until we lifted off. As we left Nashville…we were losing 6-10….but when we arrived in Charlotte…my first Text…was a score update…the Mustangs had come back to win 13-10!
It must have been exciting.
Got to go get ready….so this Journey can continue…..

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