Wholly Holy – Will it ever end?

Today is the fifth and final Sunday in our Wholly Holy series, lessons based on the command in I Peter 1:15 and designed to help answer the question:

How can we be holy in all we do?

In recent weeks we’ve asked:

Why would or should we want to be wholly holy?
What does it mean for us to be wholly holy?
How is it possible to be wholly holy?

While we’ve spent the majority of our time in Romans, this morning we’ll use a story from Jesus as the launching pad for our discussion. Tonight the series will close with several practical questions that can help us make some of those daily decisions, which can often be difficult, in our pursuit of holiness.

However, is Wholly Holy a topic that can be covered, or even adequately introduced in five weeks – or in five months for that matter? Of course not! We’ve barely scratched the surface and only touched on a small portion of what God’s Word says. In reality, as long as we live the goals of every sermon or lesson we ever hear on any topic should include encouragement and/or instruction that can help us to be holy in all that we do.

As was said recently, what a new bride and groom actually have after the wedding ceremony is “permission” to begin the process of developing a great marriage. It takes work, determination and time – a lifetime!

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