A Word From Walt --- August 23,2009

What does ‘holy’ look like?

This morning we begin a new series entitled Wholly Holy – messages based on the inspired command: “… be holy in all you do” (I Peter 1:15).

However, even before we begin, let me ask one of the most important questions that can ever be asked regarding any sermon:

So what?

What difference will these messages make in my life? If we actually obey what God commands us to do in this verse, will our lives be changed? What will happen in us, in our families, in this congregation and in our communities?

Please allow me to be more specific:

When you are wholly holy – ‘holy in all that you do’ – will it …

• Affect the way you spend your money?
• Alter the way you treat other people?
• Change the way you talk?
• Influence the selection of your friends?
• Make a difference in your marriage or your family?
• Influence the way you dress?
• Be noticeable at work or at school or at home or at church?
• Determine how you spend your time?
• Influence the way you make your plans?
• Affect the decisions (both major and minor) you make?
• Make you a better (or a worse) spouse, parent or child … neighbor or friend?
• Change the way you take care of yourself?

Other questions can be added to this list, but the point should be obvious. Will ‘being holy’ make a noticeable difference in my everyday life? Without a doubt it should, and we’ll be exploring God’s Word to see why and how these next several weeks.

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