Sarah Wise Dudak has resigned her position as an Administrative Assistant to Jonathan Seamon effective the end of August. Sarah has done a tremendous job during the nearly two years that she has served on our staff.

Sarah and her Husband Kyle, now live in the Hendersonville/Gallatin area--and she plans to enroll at Western Kentucky University in their Dental Hygiene Program, this fall.

We wish Sarah and Kyle the best. They will be missed!

Brentwood Hills is now taking applications and resumes for this position. Here is the job description:

Administrative Assistant Job Description

1. General Secretary work for Jonathan Seamon
1.1. Answer the telephone, answer emails, etc
1.2. Organization, filing system, correspondence, etc.
1.3. File New member information
1.4. Fill out reports (finances, credit cards, etc)
1.5. Highlights articles (Walt and Jonathan)
1.6. Website front page Newsfeed, Photo Gallery, Highlight entry
1.7. Hotline Data Entry (Care Teams, other groupings)
1.8. Street Sign Data Entry and upkeep

2. Special Projects
2.1. Camp (planning, registration, application process, letters, etc)
2.2. Church Wide Events (deposits and any work assigned by Jonathan)
2.3. Honduras Brigade (application process, deposits, emails, letters and any work assigned by Jonathan)
2.4. Contact and organizational person for weddings and wedding events

3. Back-up to other secretarial staff
3.1. Back-up For Diane Kennedy (Family News, Daily Sonshine, Highlights, etc.)
3.2. Back up to answer office phone, door, etc. while others are away
3.3. Main Lobby upkeep and display, information center upkeep

4. Ministry Teams/Clusters/Elders
4.1. Handle the typing and filing for the minutes/reports from Elders, Cluster Leaders, and Ministry Teams.
4.2. Email distributions for any of these groups
4.3. New Quarter information for Adult Education Committee (door plates, posters, brochures)
4.4. Family Life Committee member

5. Jonathan will be the direct supervision.

Resumes should be submitted to Jonathan Seamon: by August 20, 2009
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