Jonathan’s Journey

The end of an era

Tommy will get a kick out of this statement (so why I am I making it???) “Sometimes I think I have written my Journey…and then I realize that I only THOUGHT about writing---but never wrote!”

Saturday morning---Barbara was up early making homemade biscuits…and we had homegrown tomatoes----meaning we had some great “Tomato biscuits” for breakfast! A North Carolina tradition…that Barbara first experienced about 32 or 33 years ago on her first trip to my parents.

We had driven all night…arriving at my parent’s home about 5 am in the morning….in time for an early breakfast…as we were on our way to Carolina Bible Camp for the week. My mother offered Barbara a tomato biscuit…..and Barbara opted for a jelly biscuit….as time passed she would come to love a good tomato biscuit!

After breakfast---I started cleaning out my closet…and Justin started mowing and working the yard. I then stopped my closet cleaning and headed to the garage to help Barbara and then to the yard to rake some grass.

Next thing I knew…one of our neighbors (not Janet Dickerson) yelled out! I knew by the sound of the scream---that it was SNAKE! Sure enough…a 4-5 foot snake was in their yard. Later I would learn that the snake came out of a pipe on their truck---a pipe that our neighbor had brought from his farm in Arrington.

The snake had been transported into our neighborhood…and his life ended in our quiet neighborhood! Our neighbor works with welding and has every tool you can think of…he has been very helpful on several occasions.

Today…Barbara wanted to ask him if he had a tool that could help me cut down our old swing-set (it was put up about 20 years ago—when Justin was about 5 years old. Barbara was at the Library with Bethany when the snake made his appearance….so after the funeral (Tommy wish you would have been here)..we talked for a while and he said he had just the tool!

A couple of cuts later….and a few swings of a sledge hammer…and we were ready to load the truck and head to the “city dump”! We tore down the kids swing set and another swing set---where we have an adult swing. (That frame has to be about 50 years old…and I had duck tape holding it together!) We took the center section of the “kid’s” set---to re-hand our wood swing. A few cans of spray paint later---we had a “new” swing frame!

Our red flyer wagon…also bit the dust on Saturday. We overloaded it with concrete pieces….the back wheels feel off….and it joined the load heading to the dump.
Bethany turned 16th on the 18th of July…and later this week she will try to get her driver’s license. We trade a “swing set” for a “car”.

Truly the end of an era….and piece of our children’s childhood is now gone.
I got this prayer request today from Healing Hands International:

Dear Friends,

I regret to inform you that Dr. Bob Whittaker, Director of the Nigerian Christian Hospital (also known as IHCF) was kidnapped last night around 11:00pm. A car with multiple kidnappers came on to the compound. Shots were fired. The Whittaker's night watchman was hit twice but at the posting of this e-mail is still alive. Bob was shot in the arm and was taken away. Annette, Bob's wife, got some tile fragments in her leg from a piece of floor tile that shattered from a bullet. Annette wanted everyone to know that she and their son, Ozioma are fine.

Healing Hands International is asking everyone to pass this e-mail on for a nation-wide prayer for Bob Whittaker and his family.

If you would like more information about the Whittaker family and the great work they do, you can go to


Randy Steger
President, Healing Hands International
Please pray for the Whitaker family….and I will pass along other updates.

Here is the L AS DAMAS NEWSLETTER from Annabelle Lawrence….

By Jeanne White

On Saturday, July 18, Steve and I were blessed to be able to attend the July Brunch of Las Damas de Baxter, held at Vultee church of Christ. Two former Baxter students who live in the area, Hector Cruz and Jacobo Chalco, were honored guests at this special brunch. Over $2,000 was raised and this money will go towards the Baxter student support.

Steve White informed the group of the political situation in Honduras since the former president, Manuel Zelaya, was arrested and sent from the country on June 30 of this year. He stated that Baxter students were safe on campus and that Calvin and Linda Henry had just safely returned home from Baxter after teaching special classes to both the men and women students.

Also reported was the arrival of 3 new Cuban students. They are, from left to right, Onay González
Rodríguez (a single student) and a married couple, Osbel Triana Brito and Madeline González Lugones.

The 4th year students have now returned from their P.A.M. (missionary apprentice program) and their 3rd quarter of classes have begun.

Howard and Jane Norton arrived on campus June 9! I have heard from Jane and she is settling in nicely.

Delicious food and a time of fellowship were enjoyed by all who attended the Brunch. Thank you, Baxter Ladies, for your hard work and love for the work of Association Amicus.

God bless the work at Baxter Institute and JMA Clinic and God bless the “Baxter Ladies”!


Sept. 19 at 6:00 PM
Brentwood Hills
4120 Franklin Pike
Nashville, TN 37223
RSVP Ophelia 832-2541 or

Money collected will be used for special end of the year expenses at Baxter Institute and JMA Clinic. We hope Baxter’s new President, Howard Norton will be with us.
Make your plans now to join us for this special dinner on September 19th. Hopefully the political situation in Honduras will be better by then.
Our elders have asked to us to spend a day of “Praying and Fasting” for our marriages---this Wednesday August 5th. We will begin the day…at the BHCC building with members of the Monday Morning Quarterbacks leading us in a 30 minute prayer session beginning at 6:30 am.

Have a great Journey!

Brentwood Hills
Church of Christ
5120 Franklin Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37220
Phone: (615) 832-2541
Fax: (615) 832-2583