Jonathan’s Journey
Wednesday July 15, 2009

A week later….

Yes…it has been a week…no real excuse…just a great Senior camp…that kept us busy…then a busy weekend of moving everything to storage and back to the building…and then two full days of work…to get ready to head to North Carolina this morning!

Also…my main laptop went down during camp…and Dan Gower is working on it…so that could be my excuse!

Lot of emails and other things to share….so let’s start with Tommy---

You last wrote a week ago on July 7. Has anything gone on in your life since then? Oh, I know about the camp stuff, I was there. But many people will be interested to know you did NOT forget your anniversary – flowers and everything! I think making Barbara a concrete stepping stone with “I Love You” spelled in colored glass and likenesses of all the apostles around the outside was a great gift. And allowing her to go first in line a supper was a nice touch. I did think your little prank of a mouse dressed like you in her room was a little over the top! (before everyone gets upset, NO he did not put a mouse in her room, but it sure sounded good). Camp was great, but I am glad to be back home.

I know you were considering alternate plans with Honduras messed up. What are you actually doing? Surely you have not gone back to Hawaii! People are antsy. Some are worried your computer is still at camp and that is why you have not written. Or maybe you have some mind debilitating disease! Whatever, we hope you can write soon.


My alternative plans for the Honduras week…is a trip to North Carolina to visit family…Barbara---Bethany and I leave today and the boys are coming over for the weekend. We have a lot of family gathering in Mocksville for the weekend.

I have had a lot of communications…with Ronald Millon…including a telephone conversation last week. We would be in Honduras right now…if the country was not going through political unrest. They lifted the curfew yesterday…but the situation is still not under control. Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Honduras.

My dear hermano it was so delicious hear to voice last night. May God bless you brother.
Thank you so much for the money and buy with this food for Limoncillo and Las Delicias communities.
I am sure that they will be so happy with this good news. Specially in this time . To find food in these communities is no easy.

Please say hello brother Tommy and all our brothers and sister that are participating in Camp.
Love you brother
Ronald Millon

I will continue to keep you posted with the Journey.

Here is an update from Jarrod Brown…

HolaDear Jonthan,

I am still alive! All is well in Honduras. I am sure that by now most of you have seen 30 second new clips covering the unrest in Honduras. We are thankful to God that the protests have been very isolated and we have not been affected physically. As many of you know all of our interns and my wife and kids, Meredith, and my mom who was visiting, were evacuated from Honduras a week ago. We did this as an added safety precaution. Things did get hot last Sunday as the ousted president tried to return but things calmed down rather quickly. Unfortunately the groups that were planned for the past two weeks and the groups for next week have all canceled for security reasons. The local ministers we work with are very sad. My wife and kids will be returning to Honduras on Saturday. Is it safe to come to Honduras now? If there were eminent dangers I would not be bringing my family back at this time. No one know what will happen over the next few days as the two presidents discuss the situation and how it can be worked out. We do however feel very confident that things will be worked out soon. In San Marcos and Choluteca, where we live and work, there have been no riots at all. We'll be going ahead with our planned gospel meeting beginning this coming Sunday in Namasigue. I'll be the speaker, we are hoping for a good turn out in spite of that!!! We encourage all groups that will be coming later in the summer to not cancel their trips. Again, at this time every looks great and we expect it to continue this way. Thank you for all of the prayers that have been offered up on our behalf. You can continue to keep up with what's going down here on our blog at .

Jarrod Brown
Mission Lazarus

We studied about Jonah…as a preacher of the WORD at Camp this year…and during both JR. and SR camp…Brother Dailey…who will celebrate 69 years of preaching this month…came to visit with our campers….here is an email…Brother Dailey sent me:

I'm so thankful to have visited camp both weeks. In fact, to have been able to visit every year since the camp began. Not many things have been as beneficial to BHCC as camp, and we are so indebted to you and Barbara for your leadership.

I also want to thank you for being so kind to me each time I have come. Your request for a few comments and leadership in prayers has been an honor. I told Mary that yesterday when you asked those prescious ones who have been baptized to be sure to meet me, that it was a blessed few moments as they all came and gave me the opportunity to tell them how proud I am of them, and to see and feel their reaction was an unforgettable experience !

Jonathan, I fully believe that it is God's plan and providence that you are in my life in the final portion of it ! I don't want to be a burden to you, but I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for "looking after me", and to tell you that

I Love You !


I think we all really love and appreciate Brother and Sister Dailey! Thanks for your support, love and prayers.

Here is one of Tommy’s post from last week…that I have not had a chance to post…so here goes…

Well I've been just lolling away my days here at camp. You are always on the phone or talking about something that needs to be done. You really should go to the craft area and find something relaxing to help you.
What a great week of baptisms! Eleven this week through Wednesday night. The kids are really focusing on God's power in their lives.
I do not know if the Nashville newspaper and TV outlets covered it, but you did a great job on your 31st Anniversary. Cards, flowers, and gifts culminating in the giant luau last night. You are so thoughtful where Barbara is concerned. I am sure she feels lucky to have you. Well, maybe "lucky" isn't the right word, but "under a black cloud" isn't right either. Anyway, I thought your offer to just personally pick up the cost of the luau/anniversary party was generous. What does it cost to fly in the world famous chef, Mark Mcinteer? Well, he actually rode his bike in from Nashville; but he rode really fast, so it was like flying. Anyway, it was nice. Pit cooked pig and fingers full of poi make it very realistic!
Food is great. Cooks are awesome!
Getting a little sleepy, think I'll just take a nap and soak in the hot tub. Oh wait, no hot tub!
See you at assembly.
Tommy Clevenger
My dear amigo happy 31st Anniversary. I wish the best of the best for you and Barbara.
You continue impacting my life.
May God bless you brother. Your Family itis a precious treasure to me .. All of Seamon family ia great example to us in Honduras.
Happy Anniversary
With love
Ronald MIllon

Got this message from Brad Fitch about Honduras…

I have been trying to keep up with the Honduras situation politically
from the Wall Street Journal and will send two articles to you in the
morning that shed interesting perspectives on the situation there. I
just hope and pray that our contacts and efforts there prosper despite
what happens with the current government. The timing seems horrible as
I know you were looking forward to taking a group there in a few
weeks. Unfortunately politics sometimes interfere with our missional
efforts despite our prayers and diligence. Please keep all those
involved encouraged. I always appreciate getting to read your blog on
the web and will always consider myself a part of the BHCC family
wherever my location might be.
In Christ,
Brad FItch
Thanks for everyone’s support and prayers for Honduras.

Check out camp pictures in our photo galleries on the web site. Got to go get ready to leave for NC---packing, etc.
I will try to update the Journey from Carolina Country…have a great Journey!

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