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Saturday July 4, 2009
Happy 4th of July!
We began our celebration a little early by going over to the Lipscomb Campus last night for the annual Summer Celebration Fireworks Show on the Allen Tower Mall!! We walked over to the campus with the John Beyer Family (including Stacey’s mother and Paula Isenberg’s mother) and we joined the Trey Hartman’s for the Celebration. Along the way---we visited with several friends…and saw a lot of Brentwood Hill’s folks and others!
Walt Leaver is in charge of Summer Celebration…and he has a massive task pulling off this type of event.
Had a restful day yesterday…taking care of a few details for Senior Camp…we have a few more things to do today---before we head back to camp tonight. I would have had a full day of working on Honduras details yesterday---but with the cancellation of the trip…I did spend some time sending updates and new information to our team…and contacted some folks in Honduras to let them know that we would not be traveling there this July.
We all know it is the right decision…but it still makes us sad.
We have our annual neighborhood 4th of July picnic and fireworks this afternoon. I plan to stay through the event today and then head back to camp tonight…so that we can get an early start on Sunday. I will head over to the church building later today to set-up a lost and found table and to load up a few items we need for Senior week.
I got a great care package from my prayer partner last week…Kristi Hinton sent me some goodies and she sent up a lot of prayers for camp. Thanks Kristi…it was a big surprise. We appreciate all of our prayer partners.
Happy Birthday America….and to my Cousin Ruby O’Neal! She celebrates on the 4th and is as old as our country!
Got a few emails to share…several concerning….Honduras….
First a short note from Carinda Hicks

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and Tommy's comments. You two give me lots of laughter and it is fun to see you guys enjoying camp.

Do you need any help tomorrow getting things down to camp? We are free from 11am on. Let me how we can help you.

Thank you for all you and Barbara do for all the kids and their parents. You guys and your family have had a very positive impact on my boys and I am deeply grateful for that.

Have a great evening!


Carinda and her boys were a big help last week and we look forward to being with them at camp again this year. They are hard workers! Thanks for all of the help.
I got messages from a couple of folks in Honduras yesterday….
Hello brother, I´m so sorry to hear that, but we completely understand the situation. I was hoping this whole problem would be solved this week, but that´s not going to happen. There isn´t much activity going on here with groups, actually 2 of them venture to come this week and couldn´t get out of Baxter obviously for their safety, but that´s not the point of traveling so far. To be honest with you, I feel a little relieved with your decision, as much as we wanted to share the experience with your group, the least we would have wanted is you to be in the middle of a situation possibly worst that it is today. We will miss you, though. We´ll keep you updated with the latest events, enjoy your Independence day tomorrow. May God bless you all always

Dra. Xiomara L. Erazo
Xiomara is the director of the clinic at Baxter.
Amber Foster…who works with the groups at Baxter…agreed that it was best for us not to be traveling to Honduras at this time:
No problem. I totally understand and feel that it is probably best at this time. Thanks for keeping me informed. Have a great rest of the summer.

Amber Foster
Silver Mountains Ministries
Here is an email that Ronald sent to Jan Garner…
Dear hermana , what can i say. We are so sad too. But the most important right now is that the group be safe. And the only one place to be safe is in yours home. Unfortunately the political crisis in Honduras is each day worst.
The OAS wants Zelaya back in power. And Zelaya announced that he will return on Sunday.
Everybody in Honduras are waiting Sunday.
Right now in Honduras we have street protests in almost all the cities..
Today i had to sent my two daughters to El Limoncillo with my mother in law. I guess they will be better there. I hope so.
Me and Daysi decided to stay in Jovenes . The 80 kids that we have in JEC needs me too.
Please keep us in your prayers. The food in some communities is poor.Specially in rural areas.

Please say hello hermano Dick.
Abrazos y besos para Lolita.
Please say hello Tamara and Luther
With christian love
Ronald Millon
As we celebrate our Independence Day! The Freedoms and the life that we have here in the USA…we need to say an extra prayer for our brothers and sisters in Honduras. Today and tomorrow…could be important days…as to how this political unrest is going to unfold. Let’s pray that there is a peaceful resolution.
Enjoy a safe and happy holiday….and if you can join us at camp tomorrow night…bring some food and join us for the pot luck picnic at 5 pm and worship at 6 pm. It is about time load the ship…and set-sail again…as we seek the POWER of GOD….on our GOD and the SEA Adventure!
Have a great Journey!
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