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Friday July 3, 2009

Junior Camp is in the BOOK…rest at home and getting ready for Senior Camp
Thursday was full day of camp…our last day of Bible Classes, crafts, activities, swimming, slip and slide, etc---and it was a great day! After moving beds, cleaning and getting set for senior camp…left us pulling out about 9 PM camp time….got home in time to unload a few items…and then I was about to fall asleep on the couch…I headed to bed…and with Andy Griffith in the background…I was soon sound asleep!

Up early today…to start getting organized for Senior Camp. Today is a holiday at church…so the office is closed…however…I will be headed over later today…with a truck load of “lost and found items” from Junior Camp.

I appreciate Travis and Donna Taylor (Ashlee and Hunter) staying at camp last night….(Joey and Bradford Smith and Brian, Rayce, Tanner and Burton Shake joined them to guard the camp last night). Bill and Nathan Dickerson are heading down to stay tonight!

Here are some updates from Tommy……
Thursday morning update from Tommy….
Boy, am I tired! Wednesday was a great day. The kids are great, and we had another baptism. Suzanne and Nancy are proving to be up to their high maintenance reputations. My motto is "Close Enough" but they seem to want everything for the kids done right. Oh well, I am worth every penny they are paying.

I've noticed you have had less time to ponder and more of hard work. What is going on.

Tonight, we had a GREAT Camp Talent Show. Every cabin performed along with several individuals. They were all real good. Folks at home are missing a lot. I'm only missing air conditioning. You need to thank our prayer partners at home. Everyone can feel the prayers and lots have been kind enough to write notes. We love mail! Mine can be addressed to "Tommy Clevenger, C/O Camp Leatherwood" at the address in the bulletin.

I am finished with tonight's wildlife hunt. Need an hour or two of sleep. My roommate snores a lot. Or at least Barbara says he does.

Let the fun continue!

Tommy Clevenger
Friday Morning Update…from Tommy….
You know I love you like the puppy I never had. And you know I love the experience of sleeping in the camper. However, my old bed sure felt good last night!

The last day was great - looking over crafts, a last chance for the kids to swim, no mouse reports, and PIZZA!

I think it was great for the kids (camp is for the campers). You seemed to have really enjoyed playing in our sandbox "beach". You really fit in with the pre-campers. Well, that sorta figures. Since the Bible story for the last day was Noah, I hoped you would have the zoo bring in two of each animal. I was looking forward to the elephants personally. On phooey! Maybe another time.

Hope you get a little rest before Senior Camp. Tell everyone there is still time to be a counselor. Do not drop a sparkler on your shorts tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I do know about you, but Fred Frawley's words will ring in my ears on the 4th. What an honor to hear him speak about America.

See you oh too soon.

Tommy Clevenger

A little break between camps…gives us an opportunity to get things re-organized and ready for the next second week of camp. We had a great group of staff members this week…many new staff members and I really appreciate their work and efforts. A fun week for all! Thanks to everyone! Have a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend! Enjoy the Journey!
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