Jonathan's Journey
Thursday June 25, 2009

You will have to wait until tomorrow for today's Journey! I have comments from Tommy, a full Journey that will be in this Sunday's Hightlights and a report on Don Meyer and the ESPY is going to recieve...however I can;t get into my email tonight from home...where I had stored the information for the you will have to wait until I get back to the office in the morning!

Here are couple of key items...Rascal was found!

Yesterday,Barbara went to one of our neighbors house--where some men were doing some work--and she asked if they had seen Rascal. They had earlier in the week...but not since he went missing.

Then today...about of the men came to our tell us that they heard a dog under the house...and sure enought Rascal was under the house! They got him out and brought back home!
I guess he was with out food and maybe water for about two and a half days!
He was lost but now he is found!
Bethany is at Impact at Lipscomb this week...and we didn't tell her...until after he was found! She would have been very upset!

Tonight...he has hung close to the house...eaten a couple of times and drank plenty of water.

What a news day...Farrah Fawcett passes away at the age of 62---Michael Jackson--the King of Pop---is dead at the age of 50 and Country Music singer Jeannie C. Riley also died today.

As we were watching the news tonight..Justin commented a lot of people died today. An interesting thought...because you know everyday a lot of people die...a lot of families are touched by death. Earlier today Barbara, Suzanne and I joined alot of our BHCC family visiting with Ashley Shakes...who lost her mother on Tuesday. Life is short. We must live each day as it could be our last...and take advantage of each opportunity we are given.

Remember what Walt said on Sunday...if you are lucky enough to still have your dad (and your mother or other family members) be sure to tell them that you love them! Don't take anything or anybody for granted!

I will post the rest of today's Journey when I get to the office in the morning! til then have a great Journey! camp sailboat

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