Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday June 23, 2009
Tommy…Tuesday is about over…
Tuesday is almost over…so I must hurry to post today’s Journey! Tommy has his doubt that I will keep it up for a week…and he has some ideas to help me with the Journey:
TWO DAYS IN A ROW! Dare we hope for three?! I have been thinking about how really tough it is to write everyday (and I really do understand how hard it is). I think I have a solution. Have a different staff member write each day: Jonathan's Journey, Robbie's Ramblings, Suzanne's Small Talk, Nancy's Notions, and Walt's Wanderings. On the weekend you might have guest writings (Mark's Musings, Travis' Thoughts, etc.). Think about it, but do NOT form a committee to discuss it and plan its implementation.

I decided that reading your exhausting schedule made me wonder what my day would look like if chronicled. Here's what I found:

I got up at 4:45 to exercise, but I just wasn't into the Y or biking. So, I dug out an old Suzanne Sommers Thighmaster video and watched it from the recliner (the doctor just said to get my heartrate up, I don't remember him saying how). Then I had a muffin and some orange juice. A short nap seemed in order, so back to the recliner. I was going to read a little, but books are so heavy I just went with listening to an audio book. I had a sandwich for lunch. Wanting to emulate you I called the Elders to come eat with me. Strangely, every single one was tied up. After lunch, a siesta and more audiobook seemed in order. I planned on cooking a nutritious and healthful supper, but I got over it. I went with a microwave lasagna and some oreos. Watched a little NCIS (my favorite TV show) then got a little recliner pre-rest before heading to bed. I would have brushed my teeth, but that is why I go to Karen and Ronnie. I concluded that my days are not nearly as interesting as yours! Keep up the good work.

Keep working on camp. Keep in mind this thought "Tommy is lazy. Do not depend on him." See you soon.

Tommy Clevenger
We might have to take Tommy’s advice.
Today started with a stop at Lowes…looking for some items for camp…and then on to Martha Lyn’s for my ‘camp’ haircut. From there I was back to the building to meet Tom Hagen, the development director for Mt. Dora Children’s home. I have not see Tom in years---he served as a student athletic trainer for the Bisons from 1979-1983—and I have not seen him since he got out of school. He stopped by to visit and tell me more about his work. We enjoyed lunch with Jeff and Ronnie Hunter. Tom Whitfield was there for a few minutes…but he had to hurry back to the office to meet another doctor.
After lunch I had planned to go and check on Pam and Vic McKee—while Pam was undergoing shoulder surgery…but instead I got word that Ashley Shakes mother had passed away---so I met Frank McCreary, Shelby McCreary and Walt Leaver to visit with Ashley and her family at the Ellis Funeral Home on Nolensville road. From there it was off to Ronnie’s office for a teeth cleaning. After a short stop at the office…it was on to the house to help Barbara with dinner. (I was on the deck grilling)
My brother Michael and his family, along with our niece Katherine and her family were coming over for dinner. We had a fun night…eating, talking and playing with the kids! Andon is now four…and the twins are walking and moving all around the house!
Finally, Rascal is missing. He left sometime early this morning…or he was picked up by the pound. We checked with the pound---but Barbara called the pound a couple of times…and they claim they don’t have the dog. We have not been able to find him in the neighborhood either? So we are not sure what has happened to him----our search continues….as our Journey continues on Wednesday…have a great day!
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