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June 19, 2009

Wedding bells are ringing

Sarah Wise and Kyle Dudak will be married on Saturday June 20th! As you know Sarah has been working as my administrative assistant for about a year and a half. She is doing a great job! She has been working hard the past several weeks trying to get our camp and Honduras notes in order…before she took off for the wedding.
She has passed the camp notebook off to Amy Bowman who is helping the rest of the staff---get things ready for camp! We have a lot to do next week…as my list get longer…and my days shorter!
Sunday June 20, 2009
Father’s Day
Another day has come and gone and I have not posted a Journey. I had planned to finish my Journey last night…but before I knew it..I was in my chair…and I was out like a light!
So you have had to wait a few days to ready the latest from Tommy:
We'll, I was remembering the old days when you kept a Daily Journey. Yeah, they might not be too exciting, but they were newsy and folksy in an "Andy of Mayberry" sort of way. Maybe more like the Darling family, I'm not sure. Oh well, what's gone is gone!

I am a little worried about camp. We all know who really gets every detail lined up - Sarah! With her taking a couple of weeks off to get married (VERY poor planning on your part to let her take time off) my concern for organization is high. I also heard we have a lot of adult volunteers for Junior Camp. That does not bode well for sleeping in the air conditioning I bet. Oh well, even without Sarah, we'll muddle through. At the staff meeting, you talked about a lot of responsibility for Suzanne and Nancy. You might want to think all the way through that first. I am sure I heard the terms "Grandma Suzanne" and "Crazy Aunt Nancy". There's a reason for that!

Well, I was just remember old times and thought I would say Hi. I hope your Saturday goes well.

Tommy Clevenger

Saturday did go well….and so did today. Tonight Tommy…joined a group of us for supper at McAllisters after our evening service…Barbara, Justin and I---along with the McInteers; Suzanne Martin; J., Sarah and Neely Baugh; Bobby and Joy Brown and Donna Essex. During the meal Tommy had a great quote: “I get confused, because I am old.”

Yesterday (Saturday) Barbara and I went over to Katherine’s house (my niece) to pick her brother and sister…Ty and Hanna to bring them to our house for a couple of days. Their parents came back from Gatlinburg this afternoon and picked the kids up to take them back to Spring Hill. My brother and his family is visiting Katherine’s family this week---and they are planning to come over to our house Tuesday night to eat dinner.

Saturday---Benjamin and Elizabeth took Hanna and Ty to the Nashville Zoo! It was hot..but the animals were out and they had a fun time.

Today…we enjoyed a ‘father’s day’ lunch…and they called their dad to talk to him…as he was on the road heading to Nashville from Gatlinburg. Barbara and my children…took me to lunch, gave me some nice cards and some great gifts…including the First Season of the TV show LOST.

By the way….Summer has come in with a BANG. It has been in the 90’s…the last few days…and today was the first full day of Summer! Today it felt like it was warmer than 100 degrees.

I have got to get in the camp mode. That means I need to post a Journey everyday…so I can keep everyone informed about what is happening at camp!

Another nice father’s day….a great day at BHCC…Baby Bibles tonight…including 3 sets of twins!

Sunday Sports Central is beginning…so I better catch-up on the day’s events---and then get ready for bed…5:00 am…and Monday Morning Quarterbacks comes early…and I am about to start typing in my sleep.

Hey, Tommy---that is why I can’t spell…I keep falling asleep while I am typing….Have a great Journey this week.
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