Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday June 6, 2009
We are headed to Rome
A full day on Friday.
It was good to be back in the office…and yes we had to hit the road running to catch-up on emails, message---and scheduled work.
VBS begins on Sunday…so today…was my day to be trained on my role…and to make some preparations for Sunday! This year we are doing a “Family VBS”---it will be at night and it will feature families, individuals, teens---everyone will have a role!
You know that VBS and CAMP are two of my favorite events…so I am getting excited.
Tonight…is like Christmas Eve! Anticipating the fun, the excitement, the Bible Stories, the crafts, the COOKIES and of course BOOSTER!
It all begins during Sunday school tomorrow…and then tomorrow night from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm and then Monday-Wednesday night…we will meet from 6:30 until 8:30 each evening.
I hope you are making your plans to attend!
Friday afternoon after a meeting with Ronnie Hunter…and an afternoon of working on a project for our staffing committee—Barbara and I went to the hospital to visit with Norman and Reba Keener and their family. Brother Norman is making improvement and it was great to visit with the family. We look forward to their return to BHCC.
We were back at the building around 6pm for Travis Taylor’s surprise 40th birthday party! He was surprised and it was a great evening! I had a few other things to do in the office after the party…and folks were in the building setting up for VBS!
Our staffing team had a meeting at 7 am this morning….so yes, Tommy---up early for a Saturday morning meeting. We met for a couple of hours…then I joined a building full of volunteers sitting up for VBS! Many of our adult classes and other volunteers were there most of the day getting things ready for tomorrow.
I will begin posting pictures tomorrow…in the photo galleries!
Bethany---joined me for the work day…and then she drove me home this afternoon. I found a spot on the couch…and got in a nice Saturday afternoon nap! Waking up in time to watch the Belmont stakes!
Tonight…it was the Nationwide NASCAR race from Nashville….and a little soccer---USA defeated Honduras 2-1! USA Wins! USA Wins!
What a Journey!
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