Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday June 2, 2009
A change in plans….
Instead of getting LOST in Hawaii today…we have now scheduled the tour of the LOST filming sites for Tuesday---so today…we toured the battleship---MISSOURI---the ship where Japan signed the surrender papers that ended WWII.
It was a great tour. We then headed to the north shore…for some shrimp…and to check out the sites…as we ended up circling the Island today! Due to our heavy amount of sun yesterday…we stayed off the beaches today. Tuesday…we are up to eat early….to begin our 5 hour LOST tour at 7:00 am…and then I promised Bethany we would go to Waikiki Beach. The have a web cam that you can get to by going to Waikiki Beach ( If our plans go as planned…we are going to try to be near the cameral at 2 pm Hawaii time on Tuesday June 2nd…that is 7 pm Nashville time. Log on and look for our wave!
I will try to post a few more pictures….as we are heading to bed early…and everyone has to get up early in the morning!
Our final full day in Hawaii….so far a great time…and pray that everyone at home is doing fine…and we pray for safety for the rest of our trip and for our Journey home.
Here are couple of emails….
We are all expecting you to do the "HULA" when you get home ! The only thing we fear is that you might get sent back to Hawaii ! I haven't been as many times as you have. I have only been there four times; so I couldn't do the "HULA" as well as you !

I enjoy your "Journey", and vividly recall preaching in Kailua. I have also preached at Keeamoku St. in Oahu. I have also driven to the North Island and eaten lots of Pineapple. (I wish you would bring me some !)

Becky, my daughter in Memphis, is having a kidney removed Friday. Please pray for her !

I love and miss you all !

Please pray for Bro. Dailey and his family…especially for Becky as she undergoes this surgery on Friday.
Shrimp places to check out…
Hi Jonathan -

Sounds like y'all are having fun in Hawaii. Just read your account from day 1 and I just wanted to say, go ahead and check out one of those "shrimp vans" - the guys who gave Morgan and Lauren recommended Giovanni's (Giovanni's Original White Shrimp Truck - is what the sign says - I just looked up the picture) to us and it was awesome. They give you a Sharpie and let you sign their truck, so, if you eat there, see if our names are still on there - I signed a little above the G on the side of the truck opposite the serving window, Kerry and Morgan signed on that same side below the N's. That ought to keep you occupied while you wait...haha.

The other place the locals recommended to us for authentic Hawaiian food was called Ono Hawaiian Foods. It's in Honolulu at 726 Kapahulu Ave (737-2275). It was also very good - they serve a lot of the same foods we had at the luau only theirs was a lot better. They have pictures of famous people who have eaten there including 2 of the Titans players who were from Hawaii - can't think of who it was - Travis LaBoy maybe?

Have fun!

Karen Risley
We eat at Giovanni’s for lunch…a great local place to eat…and we also wrote on the truck. I didn’t get this email in time…to look up the Risley names on the van! (check out more pictures--in the photo galleries---under Journey/Hawaii 2009) I might have to go back and check it out again! Thanks for the information!
Hope everyone has a great Journey….Aloha!
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