Jonathan’s Journey
Sunday May 31, 2009
Listening to Walt….as we get ready to begin Day 3 in Hawaii…

 Kids at Arizonia
Waking up to Walt! The Internet is amazing…to allow me to hop up and log on to and to listen to the Brentwood Hills worship . Peter Mac Grubb handles the 8 am service and today Jeff Muse is at the control for our 10:30 service.
Walt is sharing with us today…about our peace…and if we are “steadfast”---and “he who’s mind is steadfast because he trust in you (the Lord”. We have to take our eyes off of our self…and focus on the Lord. It is a very true statement…we get so wrapped up in ourselves….that we forget to think about God. We need to have our mind fixed on Jesus. We need to “firmly” fix our mind on him.
He will help us through so many things…if we only let him walk with us in everything that we do. If we talk to him…focus our mind on him…if we think of him often…he will help us in every situation. If he is with us…then it will help us when we are tempted. It is amazing…how much better our decision will be if Jesus is with us….Fix your Eyes upon Jesus.
From his base text in Isaiah---Walt is concluding with Peter walking on the water…in Matt 14…and verse 32…When Peter got out of the boat the storm was still going…Peter was in the zone…and the Lord was leading him…doing what Jesus told him to do….and after he was rescued by Jesus…the storm calmed down…and we can do anything through the POWER of Jesus. When Peter saw the WIND…he took his eyes on JESUS…and when he took his eyes on JESUS…he became afraid and began to sink. I think we can all confess this …(verse 30)…that we have taken our eyes off Jesus…and we start to fail!
This lesson is something I needed to hear this morning…and it is most likely one of the SEA stories that we will be sharing at BHCC XIII this year as we study “God and the Sea”….the POWER of GOD!
Another great message from Walt…as he opens the word of God and shares with us! If we are struggling God will help us. Peter in his weakness…took the step out of the boat…and Peter started to sink…but Jesus was there to help…and we all need enough faith to step out of the boat. We need to be firm and steadfast and focused on Jesus!.
Later today…when our family has our devotional time and communion together…I will re-share some of Walt’s points from today’s POWERFULL message.
If you missed the sermon today, you can request a CD…and hopefully within a few days we will have it uploaded on the web for you to download, etc.
Yesterday we visited Pearl Harbor…visited the museum, watched the movie and made the short boat ride out the Arizona Memorial. We may go back later to visit the Missouri….that the ship were Japan and the USA signed the documents to end the war.
Our afternoon…was a couple of hours walking around the Aloha “swap meet”---a big Flea Market at the football stadium…in the back to the hotel…and couple of relaxing hours at the pool…before we drove around to the South Shore…and stopped for dinner.
Now we are preparing for DAY 3 on the Island. We plan to snorkel some today….and we will have a family devotional and share time together. We miss everyone at home…and listening to Walt’s sermon made me miss everyone at BHCC…sorry I was not there for Family Matters…however…we are having so much fun…I emailed Walt to tell him that his message was powerful and that we most likely use some points from it at camp! We do miss you…but we are having such a great relaxing time…I think we should extend the trip for about a month.
Now I say relaxing, but the boys might have already said…people will ask us if we had a relaxing time…and they will have memories…of our schedule…and the events and places we went to throughout the trip!!! However, today I hope will be a little restful and relaxing for them…we don’t plan to make them sit through educational programs, hula demonstrations, history lectures, etc…just enjoy the beauty that God has created!
What a Journey….enjoy yours…as you allow Jesus to be Steadfast in your life….keep your eyes focused on him…and see his POWER!

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