Jonathan’s Journey
May 30, 2009
Day 1 in Hawaii….
I was up early…and after I played with the computer…other technical toys I have on the trip…it was off to a great breakfast here at the Embassy Suite. Benjamin said it might be his best hotel breakfast ever…and that is saying a lot…because he has really enjoyed the Marriott Breakfast in Honduras!
During the meal…a Hotel rep…helped us plan part of our week…and we decided that our first day would include a drive to the North Shore…and a stop at the Dole Plantation. That would include a walking tour, a short little train ride and the sample of several pineapples.
From there it was on to the North Shore….the ocean was calm today…very few waves…and not big waves in the pipeline. Winter months create the best waves! It looked like rain most of the day…and we had a little sprinkle here and there…but by afternoon it was sunny and muggy! Today our high will be just a little higher than Nashville….and like Nashville, Hawaii is having a lot of high humidity.
Lunch was served at Ted’s Bakery (of course you can check out pictures of Day 1 by clicking on Photo Galleries…Journey…Hawaii 2009) and at this little outside eatery on the North Shore…Barbara and Bethany choose to split the special, “Loco Moco”---it was a BIG plate of rice, macaroni salad, hamburger patty, gravy topped off with a fried egg! What a lunch!
We have spotted a lot of little ‘shrimp’ stops on the North Shore…and the boys and I plan to stop at one of them later in the week.
From lunch it was on to the Polynesian Culture Center….for an afternoon and evening of activities, shows, Laua and an evening Polynesian Show…with a fire eater and fire walkers! The show ended about 9:15 and it was after 10:30 when we arrived back at Waikiki---after circling the island!
I was up at my regular 6 am time…while everyone else slept in a little this Saturday morning. Today we are planning to visit Pearl Harbor (a change in plans---we had thought we would do that yesterday---but we made a change—that I think will work out good) and the “Big Flea Market” at the Aloha Stadium. We hope it will be sunny and nice…but there is a chance of rain.
Hope you have a great Journey today…I hope they had a great workday at Camp Leatherwood. I have been there the past three Saturdays…but will miss this final touch up day! The first camp begins tomorrow…and we have had a busy fall getting camp ready for this season.
I have been looking for beach theme ideas…and working on our theme of GOD and the SEA….as we look at the POWER of GOD! Camp is just around the corner…but of course…we return for a BIG FAMILY VBS! Our Shiloh team is in the air traveling today…please keep them in your prayers….Workcamp will begin tomorrow…and I know Robbie, Nancy and Fawn…are ready for the week. Robbie is a new daddy… so I know he will be pulled in all directions.
Again…have a great Journey…enjoy the pictures….and Aloha!


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