Jonathan’s Journey
Wednesday May 27, 2009
In less than 8 hours we hope to be in the air…..
Everyone has gone to bed….and I am about an hour behind my planned schedule…but still ahead of most of the nights before we leave for vacation. I got home from church about 9:30 pm…and I have been working on my Highlights article, paying a few bills on line, packing my snack bag, downloading my I-touch…and doing a few other things to get ready for our trip to Hawaii!
Yesterday….was a full day at the office…catching up from the weekend holiday…a few meetings…and a lot of paper work, etc. Today—my day started with a visit with Matthew Bean…then I met Justin and Benjamin to go to Camp Leatherwood to clean-up our tools, supplies and to put the final touches on work. The camp will have a clean-up day Saturday---and I hope some of you can go an help out…however, we will be on vacation…so we had to wrap-up our work today.
Back at church…I had to get payroll finished…a few emails…and then Barbara brought flowers for us to give to the cooks….since tonight was our last Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal! We will take a break for the summer…and resume the meals in the fall.
We then had a Family Life Team Meeting….and in the middle of it…we got word that Bethany was driving the boys to church…and the car started to overheat! They got it moved to the parking lot at Wendy’s near Old Hickory Blvd. I made a call to Mike Brasher…and then Barbara called AAA to come and tow the car.
Nearly 3 hours later…a tow truck arrived from Madison. For some reason there were no tow trucks in the Brentwood area to respond. This is the second time that we have had a long wait…for a tow truck from AAA. Sounds like it is time to place a phone call or send a letter.
Not something that we needed to deal with tonight…but everyone handled the situation…in a good manner. The tow truck operator was very sorry….and I told him I appreciated his attitude!
I’ve got to get a little sleep…I will try to sleep and work on the plane…and when possible I will update the Journey…along the way!
Have a great Journey!
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