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Tuesday May 19, 2009

Tommy has found me out!

Monday morning I got this email from Tommy Clevenger….I had the good intention of posting the email and a response through the Journey early that morning…but before I knew it…the day was over…and I had to head to another…party:
Just a couple of brief thoughts.

I notice that Camp Leatherwood is really getting fixed up. That should mean all will be in good shape and instead of going to camp, I can just spend a leisurely couple of weeks at home or on a beach instead of in the woods. Thanks!

You said the first camp starts Sunday May 32. There is no May 32 (30 days has September, ....). This year there is a May 31. Could that be it or is it June 1 (which would be May 32 if we just use one month for the rest of the year and keep the sequential count)?

I notice, as busy as you are, you haven't missed a graduation party or a dinner in the park. Food appears to be a priority. Could just be my imagination.

I have a couple of suggestions of what you might dress up as for the Rome VBS. Some folks think you need a violin and an orb and a toga like Nero. People could say "Hail Caesar" as you walk around "Rome". Fat chance on me going along with that! My personal favorite is we duct tape your tongue down and you go around as a mute slave cleaning up any mess the "citizens of Rome" direct you to. I considered you dressing as Paul and we could give you 39 lashes (don't worry, I'll help them) or we could sink a toy boat in a tub of water and you could tell the story of your shipwreck. What are you thinking about?

As I said, just random thoughts.

PS: I felt old this morning when I realized I have been at BHCC for 35 of the 54 years. But I got over it when I realized Jerry Kennedy has been there about the whole 55. BOY-OH-BOY!!

Tommy Clevenger
Yes, we have been busy…and Barbara and I did attend Carter Mullins graduation party on Friday; Saturday after a busy day a Camp Leatherwood---I stayed home to watch NASCAR---then Sunday…we went to Robbie’s 15th Year celebration at the “Church in the Park” and from there we headed to Russell Slagles’ graduation party…and then it was on to Michael Mayo’s celebration! Monday after a full day at the office…I took Jane, Ophelia, Judy and Nancy to two funeral visitations---the first for Margret Drake’s brother (Margret works for John Glover…and is at our building cleaning every day---she is part of our family!) and then we went to Woodlawn to visit Don Barker—who lost his father last Friday. And, yes from there it was on to another party---this one for Michael Scott who graduated from Hillsboro.
So, Tommy is correct---I have been hitting the party trail!
Tommy as for your work at camp…we will still have plenty to fix---and since you did such a great job covering for Trey Hartman---while he was sick last year---and this year he is not coming to Junior Camp…so I am counting on you to do double duty…fix-it-up/Head Counselor! So get ready for a great two weeks at camp!
Tommy---you know my favorite number is 32….and since we have a month with 28 or 29 days…why can’t we have a month with 32 days! My computer fingers have trouble typing 30 or 31---but they love typing---32 32 32 32 32 32!!!!!!!
I know you and Miss Suzanne…can come up with a good VBS costume for me….I am thinking about just being a “roster” for the week---I am not sure about being a Roman character??? So, we might need to get the readers to email in some suggestions.
Tommy, thanks for keeping me honest and on track!
Speaking of a busy person…Ronald Millon works circles around me….
Good morning my dear hermano. Busy weekend. Last Tuesday three members of the Board of Director were visiting us. I had diferents meetings with brothre Greg and others.
Then visiting in Tegucigalpa the Labor Work Department, and visiting Nahum to give him May Kennedy funds and Amanda help from Jenny.
On Saturday i went to the office for a coiple things, then traveling with my family to Danli visiting the church , Daysi's family, and we returned at night.
sunday morning we attented the church at Jovenes. Employees and children celebrated the Lord's supper. In the afternoon celebrated the birthday's month for all the children.
Sunday afternoon I had a meeting with Nahum and about the construction houses and asking Nahum about Amanda Funds. He told me that Amanda is fine , she is attending the church faithfully.
Monday morning devotionals with some young men at jovenes, then attending special cases and advice them with the Bible.
at ten o'clock meeting with two couples that are looking for a job in Jovenes.
Afternoon , attending special kids with special cases , then meeting with some employees , then another meeting with one the teachers at jovenes and the my last meeting of the day with the Jovenes Director.
Today Tuesday i am going to Teguscigalpa and i have a meeting with Jovenes's Lawyer..
We are working with the container from HHI.
Hope you take a time for yourself. I know you are so busy.
Thank you for inspire and impact my life. I follow your example.
Brentwoodhills Church and the Elders are in my thoughs and prayers.
With christian love
Ronald Millon
Ronald is getting settled in with his Jovenes work. We look forward to being with him in about two months. It will be here before we know it! We have a lot to do before our trip!
Here is some news…that I got today from Christian Chronicle:
Dear reader:

Royce Money, who has served as president of Abilene Christian University for the last 18 years, has announced that he will step down at the end of the 2009-2010 academic year.


Tamie Ross
Online Editor

We wish Dr. Money the best.
Today…was filled with meetings…I met with Nancy, Suzanne and Robbie most of the morning…a few emails and calls mixed in…along with a project or two for Sarah and others…lunch with Robbie, Jeff and Ronnie Hunter…then a meeting this afternoon with our two summer interns---Ashley Mize and Zack Hillburn….along with Nancy and Robbie.
Following the meeting, Barbara and I went to visit Lib Long. We took her some flowers and a “Brentwood Hills “vase---since she is the only charter member---who has been at Brentwood Hills for our entire 54 years. We have several charter members still worshiping at BHCC---but they have come and gone through the years…but Lib has been there for the entire time! Since we are celebrating our 54th Anniversary---we thought it was fitting to take her some flowers—and to visit with her. She is a major part of our family! She has been one of my biggest supporters…and she loves Brentwood Hills!
If you see her on Sunday…be sure to say hi to her! (Better yet, give her a big hug!!!)
Barbara is at Secret Sister Revealing Party tonight….and Benjamin is working a TSSAA Baseball tournament game…and Bethany and I are having a relaxing evening watching TV! just a few hours Andy will be on….and another day of our Journey will be complete!
Have a great Journey!
 Benj the Bison

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