Jonathan’s Journey

Saturday May 16, 2009

Time for some Saturday Night NASCAR racing

After another work day at camp, I am now home in my favorite chair---writing my Journey---and watching the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race from the Lowes Speedway (Charlotte Motor Speedway) located in Concord, North Carolina.

I enjoy watching NASCAR…and I love Saturday night racing!

Today---I was up about 5:30 am to get ready to head to church to load the van to head to camp for our second Saturday workday. It started raining about the time I started loading…and I drove through rain…but by the time I got to camp…it had stopped…and we had a morning of sunshine! We did get some rain during the day…but most importantly we got a lot of work done.

Wood Fisher, J. Baugh, Sarah Baugh, Amanda Baugh, Elizabeth Hartman, Ashley Mize, Landon Parish, Benjamin Seamon, Anne Davie and Derek Robinson joined me for today’s work day. Woody led the crew t finish the re-screening of the girls cabins---while I had the others blowing and raking leaves, painting floors, and painting a bathroom! I really appreciate everyone helping. (new pictures added to the photo galleries…check out the Camp Leatherwood re-shaping pictures.

We plan to have another work day next Saturday…and then all of the camps will be coming in for a work day on the 30th….as the first camp begins on Sunday May 32st….and of course our first week of camp begins on June 28th!

Yesterday, (Friday) was a day filled with a mix of activities. Sarah got to work early---fixing an SD card with pictures…for a new picture frame that we have placed in the foyer. I then went t Hillsboro for the visitation for Kathleen Moss’s mother. Back to the building to work with Judy, Sarah and Fawn on a couple of projects. Then I headed downtown to visit with Matthew Bean…after about an hour visit…I headed to pick-up Bethany from school….she is exempt from her exams….so she is OUT of School for the summer.

After taking her to the football field to drop off her Track uniform, we went back to church---where we met Benjamin---and the two of them headed home. I did a few more things around the office and then headed to Lowes to pick up more supplies for our Camp project and then went to pick-up our “God is the Potter” banner. I got home just in time to change clothes…and to leave with Barbara and Bethany to go to Larry and Marcia Mullins---for Carter Mullin’s Graduation Party. It was a perfect night and a fun event.

Barbara , Jane Forrester and Gloria Frawley spent the day in the Portland, Tennessee community. They went there to get Strawberries! Today was the Strawberries Festival in Portland. The girls stopped a lot of yard sales, ate well----however they came home empty handed---NO Strawberries. Can you believe it? Going to a Strawberry Festival…and come home with no strawberries???

W e had some fresh ones tonight…but there is no telling where the grocery store got them!

Sunday will be busy day. Walt is out of town, Mark McInteer is preaching tomorrow…and we have a lot planned…including a little information about Brentwood Hills---54th Anniversary! Tomorrow afternoon the youth group is having church in the park…and I am planning to spend some time at the park! We have a graduation dinner for Michael Mayo to attend after services…and we are also going to try and stop by Russell Slagles ‘ Party tomorrow
afternoon. Another full Journey….Enjoy!
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