Jonathan’s Journey
Wednesday May 13, 2009
Middle of the week…
At least it was the middle of the week…when I started writing this…now it appears that it will be Thursday night before I get it posted.
You might think May is not that busy…however…it is!!!
Monday---I spent the day at Camp Leatherwood…working on the floor in the staff bathroom and in the craft cabin! It was a long day. Tuesday I made another run to camp….following a morning that saw me miss a meeting…while I spent 2 hours looking for my KEYS! I thought I had lost them at home…however, I had dropped them in Benjamin’s car…and he left home…and never saw them! It was not until mid morning…that I got to the church building, found the keys, went to a couple of meetings and then headed back to camp to unload some items in our storage area.
I hurried back to Nashville…to see Bethany jump in the sectional track meet. We had gotten word late Monday afternoon that she had qualified and would be jumping….following the track meet…I had a Captain D’s meeting with Rob Anderson and Bayron Binkley to discuss Mustang football…and then back to church to shoot some pictures for Betty Wiley of FriendSpeak readers…and then it was on to the Adult Education Team meeting.
Wednesday started early with breakfast staff meeting…and a morning of little meetings and other projects. I then met Barbara for lunch…and we went to visit Norman Keener, John Baker and Zane Burns at NHC Cool Springs. We had a nice visit with Reba…as bro. Norman was asleep the entire time we were in his room. We also had a pleasant visit with Zane and Shirley Burns. John Baker…is from North Carolina…he is the father of Casey Terry and Tam Stanley…he came to NHC to rehab following a March accident where he fell off his roof.
He is heading home to NC this weekend. What impressed me about him…was that he had been visiting all of the BHCC folks at NHC. He had a bulletin/Highlights…and he was aware of everyone at NHC…and he had been going room to room visiting the BHCC folks! Everyone was talking about his visits! What a way to give to others. There is a lesson here.
No elder’s meeting on Wednesday night…a rare occasion. It was good to get home early!
Today…I was back at the building early for a Rains Ave Christian Care committee meeting. My job is to pick up some breakfast---Barry Estes starts the coffee…and we meet from about 7:30 until 9:00 am.
Work on the Highlights…and a few other tasks took up my morning. I was in communication with two crews working at camp…and I was scheduled to go there today…but instead…I had a lot going on here…so I took care of things via the phone!
Thursday afternoon…I had a nice visit with Mike Brasher over at his BP station…as I headed to Home Depot and Lowes looking for a few more supplies needed for our re-shaping program at Camp Leatherwood.
Here are a couple of emails from Ronald….I have some others I could share…but I am having trouble connecting with my email account tonight…so we will just have to share a couple:

Dear hermana Barbara Seamon, Barbara Hunter, Jan Garner and all ladies from Brentwodhills Church " HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.
In this special day i wish the best for all of you. May God bless all of you and your families.
In Honduras we celebrated Mother's day the last sunday. And it is a custom to bring flowers and sing a song to our mothers.
I am very thankful with God for all of you. All of you are so special , thanks for think in us , thanks for your prayers and love.
I pray to my Lord that He continue blessing Brentwoodhill ladies . You are in our thoughts and in our heart.
we love you
With christian love
Ronald Millon

Good morning my dear amigo. Itis good to have news from you. Everyday i am checking Joanthan's journey and read about you , but none. i miss Jonathan's journey , and I miss your comments too..
It is wonderful . last night i was talking with my family about you. Specially that you are Jonathan's good friend and that your friendship with him is so beautiful . It is like you read my thoughts and suddenly you sent me a email.
You , your father and mother are in our thoughts and in our prayers. The Lord will keep your father and mother in good hands. We have a excellent father in heaven.
My new house is located in a valley , close my new job, it is good. We are a small family my wife , my two daughters and a Daysi's nephew. In total we are 5, and i forgot the little dog named Manchita.
The house is small one , but it is comfortable. The neighborhood is a little far from our house..This is no good for us . In our cultural it is important to be close, because you know in Honduras we have many delinquence and we try to protect one to another.
In our case we are trusting in our God , your prayers protect my family from the bad people, robbers etc.
The school where my daughter is going to study is five miles from our home , Chelsea is going to 5 grade and the little one will be in kinder garden.

On another hand my new job is leading with 85 children and 25 employees.
Everyday is a blessing to listen the stories of all these children. For example yesterday one of these children , his name is Jhony , he don't know his father and his mother. He never meet his fathers. Jhony has a problem, he has no legs , he uses a small car to move in the campus. Well Jhony every morning is in my office talking with me. Yesterday he bring ma a piece of paper and the piece of paper he wrote: brother Ronald ,i need to talk with my mother, i found the phone number of my mother.
But in the piece of paper there is no any phone number. So i called my wife and i explain her about Jhony situation. Jhony started to talk with Daysi . Jhony thought that he was talking with her mother.And he was so happy.
I put Daysi in the phone to talk with Jhony , because Jhony has no father and mother.
He is a really boy that lived at the street for a long time. But now he is with us in Jovenes,
and he is happy with us.
This is a reality , thanks to all our brothers and sister from Brentwoodhills that support this children home with your prayers and love.
Well my dear amigo. Have a great day in Jesus.
My family say hello.
With christian love
Ronald Millon

Ronald is doing a great job at Jovenes. He has emailed me about several of the boys that need our prayers. Please keep Ronald and the others in your prayers daily. Wednesday afternoon Jarrod Brown stopped by to visit. He is the director/founder of Mission Lazarus. I know he misses Ronald. We had a good talk and I wish him the best in his ministry…and we hope to still work together in the future.
A busy Friday morning is being planned…and I am sure we will have a busy weekend. We hope to be back at camp on Saturday for another work day! We’ll have to wait and see how the weather does!
Getting tired…time to post and get ready to call it a night…hope you are having a great Journey this week….Brentwood Hills is celebrating its 54th Anniversary this week…and we will share some history in our next Journey.

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