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Monday May 4, 2009
A great Senior Night
Last night, we honored all of our 2009 High School graduates…and for the first time in recent history…everyone of the graduates took the Mike…and said a few words! It was a very encouraging evening!
Following a busy weekend at the men’s retreat….I got back to the building…just as our second service was coming to a close. I appreciate Jeff Muse---running the radio controls---and I listened to the broadcast on AM 1300 on my way back from Whispering Pines!
A quick lunch…then Bethany and I came back to church so she could dress and get ready to go to her final Chorus performance. I dropped her off for practice…and then I went by Dugan Field…were the Bisons were playing Belmont in the rain!
I went to the Jimmy Langley Press Box and visited with Craig Hartline on A-Sun.TV and the Lipscomb Sports Network…reflecting back to 1979….and Bison Baseball in the 70’s and the 80’s! During our visit…they went into a 30 minute rain delay….and I left to go get seats in the Willard Collins Auditorium for Bethany’s concert.
A busy day…a busy night…and when we finally got home last night….after not much sleep at the retreat…it was time for an early bedtime!
Up early today…for Monday Morning Quarterbacks….and a full Monday! It has been drizzling all day…maybe the sun will come out tomorrow! Speaking of S0nshine---here is an update from Ronald Million!

Good morning my dear amigo. Sorry for write you soon. Busy , busy week. On Tuesday Daysi called me and told me that one of her aunt passed away, in that moment i was at Jovenes. The same day I traveled to Choluteca to take my family to Danli. We arrived Danli almost 11:00 p.m.
Wednasday we participated in a special service in Limoncillo Church in honor Daysi's aunt.Then we went to the funeral. We spent the night in Limoncillo with my mother in law .
On Thursday we returned to Choluteca to packing our supplies . Thanks God some members of the church in Choluteca and Daysi's sister helps us packing the supplies.
Friday morning two trucks took our furnitures and beds, etc, to Jovenes. Thanks God we found a house close Jovenes in Zamorano. We arrived at Zamorano 5:00p.m.
We started unpacking late . Saturday we continue unpacking and cleaning , . It was really a busy week. Daysi is a great woman , she supported me all the time. She is a strong woman . I am very thankful with God for Daysi.

Thanks God we are fine. The house is fine , Kitchen , three bedrooms, and a yard. This house cost $ 350 . The only little problem is the water. The water came from a very old well and the water smell bad.
I like this house because we are so close from Jovenes, and we have the oportunity to visit the children any time. Specially during the night I would like to visit them and to be with them with my family.

Well brother , more later.
Please say hello heramnso Dick , and Ronnie. I apreciate the email from Dr. Ronnie Hunter.
Hope everything is well with you and your family.
May God bless you.
With love
Ronald Millon
It is good that Ronald and his family…now have a house…close to Jovenes…and the y can settle in and get to work! He is excited about his work at Jovenes!

Tomorrow morning…I am heading to camp…to get a group started cleaning some bathhouses…and we are gearing up for a work day at camp this Saturday. Tommy won’t be able to help…but he will be helping his parents…

I will not be able to help next weekend, sorry. We are moving Mom and Dad to the Assisted Living Facility that day. Hope you get lots of help.

Tommy Clevenger

I know Tommy will have a lot of work to do for his parents…but he is a good son. I do hope we get a lot of helpers this week….as continue our Re-Shaping of Camp Leatherwood.
Barbara’s cousins---Donita and Bob White and her great aunt Mrs. Fred Montgomery joined Barbara’s parents at our house today for lunch today. They had a great visit…and Barbara had a super lunch. I came home to eat and visit…before heading back to work.
My brother Patrick…also flew into Nashville today---for some meetings at Gaylord’s Opryland Hotel. He is planning to come out to the house tomorrow night for dinner…and our niece Katherine Morrow and her family are coming over also.
Everyone has headed to bed…I am watching Andy (I will be teaching the Andy Griffith Series to our 7th-12th graders this fall…so I have to watch every episode I can…so I can make sure I have the best episodes for the class)---so it is time to post…and head to sleep…because our Journey is about to continue…
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