Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday May 2, 2009
Whispering Pines Camp
Here we are at the 2009 Spring Men’s Retreat at Whispering Pines Camp. The rain started moving in Thursday during the night…and it rained most of Friday as we were packing on loading getting ready to head out to camp. The first wave went Friday about mid-day and by early afternoon…the next crew was on the way! It continued to rain all afternoon.
I was not able to go up early---I was honored to be invited to the ring ceremony for the 1979 Lipscomb University Baseball Team. The team won the NAIA World Series in 1979…played at Nashville’s Greer Stadium---but the team had never gotten championship rings. I was the Sports Information Director for this team----as I had just started working full time at Lipscomb in March of 1979.
Later after I became Athletic Director---I wanted to get the 1977 and 1979 Champions their rings---I regret that I never followed through with the dream.
Later I would talk with Steve Potts and others…and the 1977 Team got their rings in 2007 at their 30th anniversary of their championship…and this year Coach Jeff Forehand and Athletic Director Philip Hutcheson made sure it happened. Andy Lane, the newly appointed Executive Director of the National Bison Club, was in charge of the event…and he did a great job organizing the activities.
However, the rain…forced the game with Belmont to be postponed until today…and changes had to be made in the plans…but as it turned out---each member of the team and others…got to get up during the reception and talk about their team, their coach and their school---this would not have happened if the game had not got rained out
A problem…that became a blessing.
When the night was over---I was excited that the team finally had their rings---and we could close this chapter in the history of Lipscomb Athletics. Thanks to everyone that made it happen.
After the ceremony---I drove to Whispering Pines…for the Men’s Retreat. (Pictures are posted in the Photo Galleries )
Lot of rain last night…by today…has been a great day. Mark McInteer led our sessions…and the Men’s Ministry Committee has fed us well! Wet and still some rain…but everyone has enjoy getting to know each other—sharing---telling stories—sitting by the fire---and enjoying the camp!
Some have come and gone…other will leave tonight…and the rest of us will close up the retreat and clean up camp Sunday morning…as our Journey to the Son Continues.

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