Sabatical is over...almost!

Some have noticed...others have wondered...some have emailed to ask...others have been happy thinking the Journey might be over.

Later today...I will share the 10 Ten reason (excuses) for not writing for over a week!

In the meantime....Tommy has been willing to fill-in for here goes:

I am trying to be retired. However, since you have not written in WAY over a week, I thought I would share some thoughts and concerns with you:

Remember the old days when Jonathan Seaman wrote a daily Journey to share his life and those things happening at Brentwood Hills? Then it got to be every few days. Then it got to be once in awhile. Now it appears it has disappeared. Over a week and no word, no update, no feel the love and light. I understand that April 16 is his birthday. Maybe he is just too old and tired to type anymore. Anyway, I hope lots of folks wish the old guy a Happy Birthday. I understand Barbara has sent his teeth out to be refurbished and polished and she is having his cane rewaxed (How long does it take a little old knee to heal? My Mom never complains). Anyway, I miss the humor and trying to figure out what word he really meant. In these times of stress and strain, a loving insight and a good laugh were priceless.

I did notice that prior to him getting a clock and a crying towel for twenty-five years of employment (and yes I avoided the words “faithful service” for several reasons including that it sounds like you are talking about a dog) he wrote more often. Perhaps he thinks it was a retirement gift. I also notice that he showed much more enthusiasm when North Carolina was playing basketball and he still had a chance with his bracket selections. Maybe he has lost interest in life as we know it till next season.

I took it upon myself to at least find a few updates on things:

I talked to Ronald in Honduras and they are looking for a house to rent as he starts his new area of service. His daughter Caroline is OK at the moment. The doctor is watching her heart murmer and believes she will outgrow it. We need to keep them all in our prayers.

I am sure, if he were still writing and able to remember, that Jonathan would remind everyone of the upcoming Mens Retreat (May 1-3) and the showings of the movie “Fireproof” ( April 24, April 25 twice, and April 26.

I think Jonathan would really want to mention the Don Meyer Evening of Excellence on April 28. Lots of folks and lots of good things related to that. And Coach Meyer is one of those rare folks who seem to actually like Jonathan.

I have no idea what is going on with Barbara and the kids. I feel lost and adrift in a sea of confusion.

I guess Jonathan is still claiming to be holding all those meetings and being so very busy. I just do not know. I never fully bought all that anyway. Maybe, since he seems to have retired, he is not meeting so much. Krogers did tell me they have seen no drop in the sales of hot dog supplies, so I assume his appetite remains good. (always important for a man his age).

I suppose Jonathan is still planning on being at camp. I do not mean to stir anything up with you parents, but it would make me a little nervous to be intrusting my kids to a man who seems to be “zoning out”. But that’s just me. Do as you feel best.

One thing I did understand, with him in, at the least, semi-retirement, Jonathan his told Miss Suzanne that he will step up as an inspirational leader and commit to a two year teaching assignment with our littlest angels. Way to go Jonathan! Don’t some of you others want to follow that example.

Well, I have work to do, I was just distraught about the death of the Journey and thought I would write. Back to my retirement now.

Go out and be light and life and joy and peace and fun and ….oh whatever you want to be!

Tom Clevenger

By the is my birthday...and I have been getting emails, facebook messages, phone calls, cards and other great greetings...thanks to all...
I will write more a little later...but in a few minutes I am off to visit at the hospitals and have lunch with my best friend Geoffrey Sikes.

This time of the year...there is just not enough hours in the day to do all that we want to do!

Here is an email from Ronald...I will try to post more emails and messages...later today and tonight and I have a lot of Pictures to post...

Dear brother this morning i received a email from brother Tommy C. It is always a blessing to receive emails to encourage me from dears brothers and sister from BrentwoodHills like brother Tommy and Travis . I really apreciate your prayers and love .
On another hand we continue looking for a house. None . Tomorrow I am going to see two houses close Zamorano area . Please keep us in your prayers.

Caroline my daughter is doing great. The doctor said that she has a benign murmur in her heart . We need to wait until Caroline has five years old. The doctor said that most of the time this kind of murmur dissapear when the children has five years old.
So we need to pray and wait until January 2010.
Please all my brothers and sister that I apreciate will all my heart that prayers in favor of my little caroline.

What about you brother? I know you are so busy.
Hope Dr. Ronnie continue better. Please say hello .

Well brother more later.
Did you receive the pictures about Nahum , German and Ronny.
I am sending a picture about Chelsea and Caroline.
The Journey continue.
love you
Ronald Millon  Ronald;

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