Jonathan’s Journey
Monday March 30, 2009

The Final Four….

In sports…especially college basketball…making it into the Final Four…is a great accomplishment! However, you can’t stop with the Final Four…you still have a major goal before you---trying to make it to next Monday night and that “one shinning moment”!

Carolina Fans…are fortunate this morning to be one of those Final Four Teams…and we can now spend the week getting excited about Saturday’s games in Detroit!

Ophelia will grade the brackets…and will give us a report later today.

Got a Facebook message from Adam Brown this morning: Only Final Four team I got right...go figure.---Adam is a big DOOK fan…and he picked my Heels to go to the Final Four…not his DOOKIES…go figure! I told Adam, I guess great minds work together…Carolina is the only Final Four Team I picked this year…but hopefully it is the only team I need.

Tommy Clevenger….send me a few messages during the game yesterday…
You know I picked Oklahoma to win this game. That being said, these officials are obviously heavily in Oklahoma's favor. Perhaps that's why, when you hear officials described, the word "honest" is never used. Only "one of the best". That doesn't make you good, only not as bad as the rest.

Just a thought.

Need a way to stop #23. He gets a lot of leeway in # of steps and contact. Too many close-in shots by him. Otherwise OK not too impressive YET.

Tommy Clevenger

I was in the office working most of the afternoon…and I had decided to wear my “Carolina Blue—Carolina Sweater”---knowing that I would have to proudly wear it…win or lose last night. I’ve always said you have to be a supporter win or lose…and sometimes it is more important to show your colors after a loss! But it was great to get a win yesterday.

I watched the first half…while sitting at my table working…then during the second half…I had a meeting with Dick Garner, Rick Harris and William Tucker…it was a meeting…where we could leave the picture on…with the sound off…so at least I could catch a few looks…and could follow that the Heels were holding on to their lead!

Andy Flatt did a great job leading our 5th Sunday singing. He had Jeremy Boyette…lead a song! He did a wonderful job. If you want to see a lot of “special” young men lead singing…you need to come to Opryland Hotel for the Lads to Leaders Convention…the Saturday of Easter Weekend. It is a moving time as the young men lead singing…using their talents for the Glory of God!

Had a great start to the day this morning…with the Monday Morning Quarterbacks…a review of Sunday school…and Walt’s message from yesterday and then a wonderful time of prayer…I can’t think of a better way to begin my Monday.

Brother Al Bradshaw…reads the Journey…and like many of you…he has come to love or tolerate my spelling and writing and my fast typing…etc…!! This morning he asked how did I get my yard---“Moved”??? He thought he might like to have his moved! I guess I need to do some spell checking…Benjamin only mowed my yard; however there have been times that I would have like to have “moved” my yard!

Well it is time to “move” on to a little Monday work…as our Journey to the Son continues….

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