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Thursday March 26, 2009

Critter in the Cage

Tuesday night…I put the Tuna Fish in the cage…and went to bed hoping there would be no critters under out house! I got up early yesterday morning…before sunrise…and I took my big flashlight…put the spot on the cage…and there he was…a Possum!

I got ready for work…and then loaded the cage on the back of my truck. I called Ricky Frawley on the way to Nashville and he told me to bring the critter to him…and he would either let it go or give it to some friends who might want him!

We are not sure if this is the critter who has been on our deck and under the house…but he has been evicted from our neighborhood.

Larry Jones’ Pest control company came out and gave us our annual treatment today…checking out everything under the house. John Beyer is coming out next to fix the air conditioner gap…to help us keep the critters from under the house.

The past two days…have been wall to wall meetings and projects! Wednesday Dick Garner and I put in a day of meetings…including our weekly visit to Grandview and our meeting with Roberto Santiago. The afternoon ended with Sarah and I working on a project, a meeting and then a 5:30-6:30 and 7:30 meeting. Sometimes I meet myself meeting. Today was not much better…7 am, 9 am, 9:30---a visit to the funeral home to visit with my former Lipscomb secretary (Sherry Phillips) and her husband William---who lost his mother this week. After my stop at the funeral home…I had a long lunch meeting---back to the office to work on the Highlights…and then off to Bethany’s track meet. She was high jumping (placed 3rd) and running on the 4 X 800 relay team (placed 2nd)…after the meet she and I headed home while Barbara headed to a WSM Live Radio show at the Opry House with Gloria Frawley and Jane Forrester.

Bethany drove me home…we had a great dinner that Barbara had left for us…and then she worked on homework and watched American Idol…and I got on my computer…and have been working for the past several hours…watching BASKETBALL!!!

Thanks for sending in your brackets. We have PDF copies that we will post either tonight or on Friday…so you can compare yours to the others who submitted their bracket. Sarah will post the brackets…and Ophelia is the official judge….she will mark and score the brackets. Thanks for participating!

Jonathan's 2009 Basketball Bracket

Mike Sansom's 2009 Basketball Bracket

J Baugh 2009 Basketball Bracket

Susan Cummins 2009 Basketball Bracket

Adam Brown 2009 Basketball Bracket

Jane Forrester 2009 Basketball Bracket

Will Robertson 2009 Basketball Bracket

Brian Robertson 2009 Basketball Bracket

Ophelia Sliger 2009 Basketball Bracket

Tommy Clevenger 2009 Basketball Bracket

Neal Dugger 2009 Basketball Bracket

I got this email from Ronald yesterday…with some disappointing news about his 4 year old daughter Caroline. I talked to him on the phone today….and they think her problem includes an irregular heartbeat. We should have more information after they meet with another doctor next week. Please keep them in your prayers.

Dear brother last weekend we visited Limoncillo Church. We spent the weekend visiting and working with the church and the technical school.
My liitle daughter Caroline is very sick. This morning after left Chelsea at the school I went with Daysi and Caroline to see a Doctor. My little Caroline has a problem in her heart. PLease brother pray a lot for her.Please say Brentwoodhills church to make aspecial pray for my daughter. Please say Justin , brother Dick Tommy and Ronnie that we are needing yours prayers.
The doctor told us that she will need some test in Tegucigalpa.
More later.
Love you brother.
Hope Dr. Ronnie Hunter continue better. We continue praying for him.
Say hello Barbara.
With christian love
Ronald Millon
Dear brother , it is amazing how the Lord is blessing us through all my family from Brentwoodhills . This morning i received many emails from Brother Tommy ,Dick ,Jan , and you asking for Caroline.
The Doctor told us that Caroline has a SOPLO in her heart. I don´t know how to say that word in English. She need to see a specialist.
I am trusting in God that he will has mercy of me and my family. Caroline and Chelsea and Daysi are a precious treasure of mine. I am suffering inside , but I am asking to our Lord Jesus faith.
Thanks to all my brothers and sister from Brentwoodhills , thanks to all the staff that are praying for us. I really apreciate it.

Sarah Baugh sent out this information about Lads to Leaders…you might want to check out the schedule and the web site….

The schedule and room assignments for the Lads to Leaders convention have been posted on their website. I was not able to attach the file to this email, but you can go to the website to see the schedule (see directions below). I will also put a copy of the schedule on the Lads to Leaders bulletin board tomorrow night. (The board is located on the back hall outside the Bible Bowl room (room 305?)

FOR THOSE NEW TO THE CONVENTION: The churches that will be participating at the Nashville convention will be divided into four color groups – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Since Brentwood Hills supplies the BEST emcees for the awards ceremony, we have been in the YELLOW group for the past few years. Unless the home office changes everything this year, we should still be in the YELLOW group. This is important to know when you are looking at the schedule for the weekend. Make sure you are looking at the room assignments and times for the YELLOW group. We will not know what other churches will be in our color group until closer to convention.

To see the schedule online:

Go to
Click on “Existing Groups and Participants”.
Click on “Final 2009 schedules and room assignments are on each conventions location page”.
Click on “Nashville Convention” on left.
Scroll down and click on “Schedule” in blue.

Let me know if you have any questions.

The weekend is coming…enjoy your Journey!

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