Jonathan’s Journey
Monday March 23, 2009

News to me….
I got this email from Tommy this afternoon…if I posted the Sunday Journey more than once…then I must have done it my sleep….
Did you like Sunday's Journey so well you posted it twice? When I looked this morning via Blackberry, it was in there twice.

I decided I should drop off my old Cannondale (still in excellent condition) at church in the morning (I've been out of town today). That way you can knock off 20 to 30 miles at lunch each day. No thanks are needed. I have also arranged for you to go on a training ride each Saturday with Ironman Mcinteer. In fact, I hope to watch both of you participating in the Ironman Triathelon on Kona next year. A couple of mile swim, 112 miles on the bike, and a refreshing 26 mile run should be perfect for you. I'll bring the camera and we can post pictures on the website. I bet most of your readers have never seen Hawaiian EMTs.

Be nice to people today. You never know when you might need a little love in return.

Tommy Clevenger
Bring the old Cannondale on! As for the Ironman…I might be more of a ‘copper man’---no way to bike 112…maybe 12 miles…and my running days are over…and I can’t swim across the baptistery!

It was good to be back with the Monday Morning Quarterbacks---we had a great discussion about the Corinthians study and Walt’s messages from yesterday. If you are up early on Monday—or would like to get up early—join us at 6:30 am for our Bible study and prayer session.

After being out of town for a week…I had plenty to catch up on this morning. Tim "Fly" Thompson from Somerset, PA is in town for a few days…so Dick Garner and I met Tim for lunch today. It was good to catch-up on the news about the church in Somerset. We enjoyed our summer VBS trips to Somerset---and it is always good to follow-up on how things are going with the church at Somerset.

After lunch, I headed over to Ronnie Hunters to visit with him…he is still recovering from his recent surgery. He is making progress, but it is a slow recovery.

After picking Bethany up from Track practice…we headed home for dinner. After dinner, Rick Frawley stopped by to bring us a “big cage” to try an trap a ‘critter’.

Saturday night or actually Sunday morning we were awaken by the sound of something on the deck, the roof and under our house. Not sure what we are looking for...it might be a possum or a raccoon???? Last night we were awake a lot…listening to see if the critter came back…but no sign of a return???

We had a small trap set last night…but Rick did some looking under the house tonight…and set a bigger trap…in case the animal returns tonight???
We’ll keep you posted….

Here is the latest news from Grandview...

We hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! Last Tuesday Roberto taught a combined class for the students who came and, according to Mary, they had a great time. We appreciate Roberto filling in at the last minute. Dick had cataract surgery that morning and wasn't feeling as "up" to teaching class as he thought he would.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow night is the last class for this semester! We will also be handing out certificates to those students who have attended nine or more classes and celebrating with cake and ice cream afterwards. It looks like we'll have 10 to 12 students who will be receiving certificates. We'll dismiss class about 15 minutes early for the ceremony, and as always, we would like the teachers to present the certificates to their deserving students.

Our break will be the following Tuesday, March 31st - there will be no classes on that evening. Then, our spring semester begins on Tuesday, April 7th, and will go through Tuesday, June 23rd. We will once again take off the months of July and August to give our teachers a well-deserved break.

We were all very disappointed to hear that Danery was denied a visa at his March 11th interview in Honduras. He was told that he could appeal the decision, but that it would be six to nine months before the appeal could be heard. We all need to pray very fervently for Danery, Benita and Adrian that God will keep them strong through this ordeal and that their request will not be denied the second time.

Many of you have met Maria Teresa Dimas and her husband, Reynol. Maria and Reynol have been in Dick's class since last fall, and they are a delightful couple. Maria is expecting a baby any day now, and Roberto has suggested that we have a baby shower for her. We think it would be great if the teachers at Grandview have a shower for her at the beginning of the new semester (we think she's going in the hospital tomorrow), so as soon as we come up with a date, we'll let everyone know. We'll probably have it after class one night.

Thanks again to each of you for your commitment to Grandview. This has been a long, cold winter, but you all have showed up faithfully each week to help our students learn English and computer skills. It's always wonderful to see the smiles on their faces at the certificate ceremony. They are so proud to receive that certificate!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (Tuesday) night!

Dick and Jan

The second Andy is over…time now for a little Lucy…to fall to sleep by…have a great Journey…

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