Jonathan’s Journey
Sunday March 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home…
It is always good to go on a trip or vacation…but it is also good to get home!
We had a great week! The boys and I enjoyed having the week together to talk basketball…compare brackets…search the internet for information and watch a lot of basketball!

Friday…Barbara, Bethany and I made the bike ride from our house to the beaches at Water Color. It is a 7-8 mile ride….and we rode there in the morning…and then back to the house that afternoon! Barbara did great! I enjoyed riding the bike…and it is a good work out for my knee.

Friday night after dinner…Elizabeth came over for her second night of dominos! This time she won the game between her, Benjamin, Bethany and Barbara! Plenty of basketball…and more problems for my bracket!
Saturday morning we packed—loaded the car…and headed home…and we were in long lines of traffic leaving the beach area…it looked like a Hurricane evacuation---with the long line of traffic coming out of Panama City! The heavy traffic made it a slow trip out of Florida…and around Birmingham the traffic was backed up for miles…and it was amazing how many of the cars you passed were from Tennessee! Spring Breakers heading home!

We dropped Justin off in Montgomery (after taking Benjamin by the Faulkner Campus to tour the Law School building)…just as the UNC-LSU game was about to tip off!
Barbara took the wheel…Bethany was at shotgun and Benjamin and I were in the back seat…with our computer hooked up with our Verizon wireless connection…watching the game from CBS on the internet! I have worked in radio since I was 16 years old…and still don’t understand how it works!! It is impossible for me to explain how the internet works…and how we can travel down the road watching and listening to the game on our laptop!

We started losing the video connection toward the end of the game…as Carolina was stretching their lead…so I switched to an internet radio station and we listened to the Tar Heel network for the final 3-4 minutes of the game! It was a close game…but a great victory!

After the game….we stopped and eat dinner and then I drove the rest of the way home….and I was able to get games on the car radio—while Benjamin kept watching on the internet! Barbara was on the phone talking to her parents and my parents and Bethany was watching ‘The Office’ on an I-pod! What a way to travel!

It was great to be back at BHCC this morning. After lunch we came home to unpack…and then I feel asleep watching the NASCAR race from Bristol---and then we headed back to the church building early—as Barbara had a retreat meeting…and I went to the office to do some work.

Back home tonight…I have been watching history…but it is not good history…it is the Lady Vols losing in the opening round of the NCAA tournament---the Tennessee women have never lost in the opening round…but they are down by 15 with 1:30 to play…so Ball State can sense the victory! A tough night for Tennessee…final score..Ball St 71---Tennessee 55.

I have not looked at all of the brackets that were sent in for the “Journey to the Final Four”…Sarah will have to share them with me in the morning. I have not checked mine yet….to see how many schools I have in the Sweet 16---but we will check it and the others tomorrow! As we get ready for another week of basketball…what a Journey!

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