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Thursday March 19, 2009

March Madness is underway

Barbara and I went for an hour bike ride this morning…then I did some work..including my column for this Sunday’s highlights. I had fun emailing back and forth to the office…and watching the opening round games of the NCAA! Ty Lawson didn’t play---but the Tar Heels won big over Radford. I think I have already lost three games in my Miss State, Clemson and Butler…did not advance! Other games are continuing tonight!

Barbara and I got a walk on the beach this afternoon…before dinner…and then after dinner another bike ride. I could get into these bike rides…I might have to get one to ride around the parking lot at BHCC! (Now, let me set things straight…I am not a Mark McInteer or a multi speed bike…just give me a plain ole bike and some flat ground…and let me work my knee for 30-40 minutes----don’t be signing me up for any bike races or 30 miles runs, etc!!)

Justin is playing on the computer…I’m getting ready to post the Journey…while—Barbara, Bethany, Benjamin and Elizabeth are playing dominos! (of course the NCAA games are going strong in the background)!
Here is an update that I got to day from Ronald Millon:

Wednesday , beautiful day in jesus. I spent the day with my family. In the school Chelsea invited me to celebrate father´s day. She gave me a beautiful card . Itis realy exciting to have a family. Chelsea told me how much she loves me, she was crying. I told her that I love her so much. Chelsea , Daysi and Caroline are my life.. At the school they had several activities for all the fathers . We really enjoyed all the activities.

After the activity we visited a single mother , she has three children , her husband is in the USA, but , he lives with another woman in New York and now his children are suffering here in Honduras. We take them to our home , and enyoyed with us a dinner. Then we bought for this family a sack of food , and some books and clothes for childen´s school.

We blessed another family with the work funds.

This sister in Christ returned home with a big smile of gratitude with God . I said her this a blessing form our bothers and sister from Brentwoodhills Church.
She said , Please tell them that i am sending all my love and gratitude for help my children with food, books and clothes.
May God bless Brentwoodhills church.

On another hand , hope are you enjoy this beautiful time with your family.
You know that you meant so much to me , and everyday I remember you in my prayers.
You are in my thoughts and in my heart.May God bless you father.
I am learning a lot of beautiful and good things from you ad Barbara. Both meants so much to me and my family.
Thanks for to be a special man of God , thanks for to be the best father of the world.
Thanks for your advices , your love and your prayers.
I never going to forget all that you do for me . And when the Lord call me to his presence I will tell Him a lot beautiful things abouth a great man , and wise man like Jonathan Seamon and his wonderful family. I will tell Jesus how Jonathan Seamon invite me one day to his home and prepared to me an Homelet and coffe.
Love you brother.
HAve a great Father´s Day.
Please say hello Justin.
With christian love
Ronald MIllon
The Journey continue.

Here is my Journey…that will be posted on
the web…and in this Sunday’s Highlights:
(Santa Rosa Beach, Fl)---Spring
Break on the Gulf Coast! We are having a great
family vacation this week! Barbara and I just returned
from a nice bike ride to Top Soil State Park,
and now the boys and I are getting ready for some
March Madness—while Bethany is enjoying the
ocean with her friends!
Between bike rides—ocean visit---fishing---
basketball---LOST episodes and eating---I have
been doing some reading and planning and getting
ready for our summer plans at camp, Honduras
and other activities.
Camp Leatherwood
This year we are not going to build a Habitat
House, and instead we are going to take some
funds and a lot of “people power” to “Re-Shape”
Camp Leatherwood. We are presently working on
plans to replace two cabins and build an additional
bathhouse on the men’s side. We have plans being
developed, and we hope to get permits and approvals
so this work can begin in April.
Meanwhile, we are scheduling several weekend
days where we will be taking groups to camp to do
the following: re-screen all of the cabins, repair
porches, clean all of the cabins and bathhouses,
paint the bathhouses, pick-up trash, brush, build
new benches and my list goes on and on! We will
have a sign-up display in the foyer next week!
With the project---we can use men—women and
children! It can be an individual project or a family
affair! There will be projects for everyone!
Here are the scheduled work dates: Saturday, April
4th, Sunday, April 5th; Saturday, April 18; Saturday,
April 25th, Sunday, April 26th; Saturday, May 9th,
Saturday, May 16th, Sunday, May 17th, Saturday,
May 23rd and Saturday, May 24th. (These dates are
subject to change, based on weather and project
needs.) Our sign-up sheets will have the planned
tasks for the day listed. You can join us for a full
day---a half day---a weekend---whatever meets
your schedule. Complete details will be available
at our display next week!
Camp Staff and Camper Applications are also being
completed next week, and they will be sent out
and will be at our Camp Display! Get Ready for
Marriage Ministry
Our newly re-organized Marriage Ministry Team is
planning to show the movie FIREPROOF multiple
times during the weekend of April 24-26. Be
watching for announcements on times and locations!
I think you can see that a busy Journey is being
planned for the rest of the spring. We have multiple
opportunities planned for each weekend! I
hope you will choose several events or activities to
participate in during the spring.
We have retreats—seminars—fun activities---
service projects---work projects---marriage building
events---something for all ages!
We (or I) talk so much about us being on a Journey,
but let’s not just talk—let’s actually journey! Discover
who you are now so you can use who you
are now for God’s glory. This spring, step off into a
great Journey…our Journey to the SON! Enjoy the

Friday is our last full day…we head back home on Saturday…stopping in Montgomery to drop off Justin. We have had a great Journey this week!

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