Jonathan’s Journey
Wednesday March 18, 2009

5:00 am alarm!

The boys and I were up this at 5:00 am…getting ready to head to Panama City for a day of fishing in the bay and off-shore. Trey Hartman stopped by to picks up at 5:30 am to make the 45 minute drive to the dock to meet our guide for the day---Philip.
Philip is a guide that Trey met a few years ago---and he uses him for off-shore fishing trips! His father was a commercial fisherman---and Philip has been fishing his entire life…and he knows fishing!

We were in the water by 6:30 am….and we were one of three boats in the bay ready to fish for “sheep heads”---yes I caught the first fish! Philip helped get me in the water…and before you know it he said, “Are you going to start reeling that fish in!” JFS Fish

We all would catch some fish…as they were hitting good! Trey and Benjamin brought in the biggest ones! And Benjamin also caught a ‘sea gull’! He hooked him, brought him in…and Philip did a great job with the ‘catch and release’ program!

Justin hooked a big stingray and we all had a great day!

We came in for a break at lunch time…and then went back out for some bay fishing and then we went about four miles out for some off-shore—bottom fishing. I think that was our favorite part of the day. We caught a lot of different fish----releasing all of them. Some of the fish even learned how to release themselves before they got to the boat---they were our “biggest” catches of the day!

We had a great time! If you want to check out some pictures---I have posted in the Photo Galleries---under Journey: Spring Break 2009. Trey did a great job setting up a fun day for us all!!

Here is our Wednesday update from Tommy Clevenger:
Well, it is 72 degrees and sunny here. Take that you Florida people. I saw Diane out on the BHCC front lawn leading all the staff in a Tai Chi class on my way to work this morning. They all really seem more cheerful this week for some reason.

I guess you are fishing today with Trey and others. I hope you catch something and grill it for dinner. A real man might just swim out and catch a fish bare handed, or maybe in his teeth. But you do it however feels good. If one of you catch one of those sailfish or marlins or whatever they are, maybe we could mount it and hang it in the Rotunda at the building. If you catch something smaller, we could keep it in the baptistery. Of course, if it was a barracuda, that could pose a problem or two. Just keep all that in mind.

What a bicycle ride! I am envious. I was hoping we could ride together sometime, but you may be moving into the Mark League. Eight miles is a nice ride, particularly with those coastal winds and doing it basically twice shows what a machine you have become. But, at least it’s pretty flat. I bet at camp, you could knock off about twenty miles before breakfast each morning. I would be willing to ride behind you in a support car giving you encouragement through the bullhorn!

Have a great time and eat a little amberjack for me.

Tom Clevenger

PS I forgot to tell you that I really liked the beach/ocean picture on you Tuesday Journey. If you took it while pedaling your bike, I'm doubly impressed.

Sorry Tommy…my sunset was not taken from the Bike…I might have to try that tomorrow! No bike rides today….we got back this afternoon about 4 pm…showered and then connected with Barbara and Bethany to go eat dinner. We are still a little light headed…or we still fill like we are riding the waves! I don’t know how a person like Philip…can ride a boat…and fish and help folks who can’t fish!...nearly six days a week! Philip takes Sunday off…to go to church with his family and to spend time with his wife! He was a fine young man…with a lot of patients!

Big day of basketball tomorrow! I am worried about my Heels…looks like the injury bug has really hurt Carolina. If you haven’t sent in your bracket…fax or email it by 10 am Thursday Morning! We are all tried from fishing and the SUN…so it is time to journey to bed! Enjoy your Journey!

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