Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday March 17, 2008
I’m no Mark McInteer…but I did bike my goal!
A few years ago during spring Break we were camping at Disney. Mark McInteer returned from a Bike ride…and I asked, “Where have you been?”….(thinking he had been around one of the campground loops) and he responded--- “Daytona Beach”! Wow!
Marathon runs, long bike rides, Iron Man competition---that is Mark McInteer!
For me…it was just an eight mile ride from our cottage….down Highway 30 A to Water Color.
Bethany, Justin and I took off this morning…and about 40 minutes later we were at the beach at Water Color! It was a great ride…and I can still walk! By the way---we rode the bikes back this afternoon after a day at the beach. Benjamin, Justin and I made the trip back this afternoon!
Great weather today---we spent the day at the beach…and tonight we have been watching basketball, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, checking emails, looking up information on web sites and some are playing scrabble---great multi-tasking by all!
Tomorrow morning….the boys and I are going fishing with Trey Hartman…he is picking us up at 5:30 am! We are heading to Panama City to fish! For all the Andy Griffith fans…I am going after “Sam” the silver carp!
Going to post early tonight…so we can get some sleep.
Not sure how many brackets are in…but if you want to still send one in…we have extended the deadline…until 10 am central time Thursday morning!
We are scheduled to have good weather again tomorrow.
I talked to Barbara Hunter this morning…after Ronnie’s surgery. He did great and it doing fine. Prayers Answered!
Have a great Journey….and we will have a few fishing tales (or tails or fins) for you tomorrow!
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