Jonathan’s Journey
Monday March 16, 2009

More rain on the Gulf Coast

It was raining hard this morning when I got up. It would have been a good morning to sleep in---but instead I got on up---check my emails—and then some work on my NCAA bracket!

Later, Barbara would make some homemade biscuits we would enjoy a great breakfast. Bethany spent the night with Callie…so it was just the boys, Barbara and I for breakfast. After we eat…there was a break in the weather and Benjamin and I went on a 3 mile Bike ride!

The rain would return in the afternoon…so that meant a trip to Destin for “Outlet Shopping”! We met the Hartmans for dinner…and after a great meal and time together---The Pickens and The Heffingtons along with the Lane Thomas’ arrived at the restaurant and we got to visit with them before we headed back to the cottage…and yes it was pouring down rain again!

During our meal, I called Ronnie Hunter….and Trey and I both talked to him…on the eve of his surgery tomorrow morning. I hate I am out of town and will not be able to go by the hospital to check on him and Barbara. Ronnie---told us he was ready. He has to be at the hospital about 6 am and he is scheduled for surgery a little after 7 am Tuesday morning. We will be praying…as I know many of you will be also!

Back at the house tonight…we were all on our computers…checking emails…Facebook…reading the news on web sites….and then watching early episodes of LOST! (Barbara and I are getting hooked!)

I hope you have your NCAA Bracket filled out and remember to scan it and email it to Sarah or fax it to her by 4 pm on Tuesday. Fax: 615-832-2583 or email it It will be fun and you could win the “Journey FINAL Four”! If you need a bracket a PDF is posted with yesterday’s Journey.

The weatherman says that the rain will move out tonight…and tomorrow is suppose to be a nice day. We hope to make our first real trip to the beach! Bethany and I are also planning a nice bike ride tomorrow…as part of her track workout.

Have a great day---remember to say a prayer for Ronnie Hunter…and enjoy your Journey.

Remember to wear GREEN on Tuesday or get pinched! journey 100x100

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