Jonathan’s Journey
Sunday March 15, 2009

Spring Break in Florida…

Friday night it was raining in Nashville…as we packed our bags and loaded the car….and the rain was still falling as we finished loading the car…and pulled out of Nolensville heading south. We spent the day in the rain and heavy traffic….all our way to the coast.

Our first stop was near Pulaski---for a Mickey D breakfast….and the line was long…and it took us about 20 minutes to get our food! Meanwhile, a bus load of baseball players joined us from Plattville, Wisconsin….they had driven all night…on their way to Birmingham! One of the players…asked me, “Sir, can you tell me where we are?”! He had been a sleep riding in the bus all night…and he had no idea where they were when they stopped for the early morning break!

We had a pleasant conversation….and then I thought…unless the service improves…they will be here for hours! A nearby Subway was open (it was not yet 10 am---and at least one player decided that a sub would be as good as a Mickey D breakfast) and some thought about going there or the nearby gas station.

Traffic got really bad around Birmingham….and from there to Montgomery it was stop and go! Barbara was driving part during this time…and Andy and Laura Flatt passed us…and Andy gave me a call and we chatted on the phone a couple of times. (This morning---we were both up early logged on listening to the Brentwood Hills church service…and sharing messages on Facebook!—we both love to multitask!) Andy Mug

We arrived in Santa Rosa Beach about 6:30 or 7:00 last night…we had stopped in Montgomery to pick up Justin….to eat lunch and to watch the final 10 minutes of the ACC semifinal featuring the Tar Heels! Yes, the lost to FSU…as we failed to close out the game! It opened the door for DOOK to win the ACC tournament title…and now we await the pairings…with the NCAA bracket coming out tonight!

After we found our house and unloaded…we headed to Watercolor and Seaside…looking for the Hartman’s and Essex’s---and we stopped by the Shrimp Shack for supper. After supper we found the Hartman’s house…and stopped by for a short visit…Trey was asleep…and despite our loud crew…as we all wished Mattie a Happy 13th Birthday…we never woke Trey up…he slept through it all!
From the Hartman’s we headed to the Essex’s to pick up Callie who was coming to our house to spend the night. Meanwhile…in between it all…the boys and I were either listening to or watching games in the ACC, SEC and the Big East…we love this time of the year.

We met the Hartmans for church…and then we went to lunch with them at a nearby restaurant…and we had some great cheese grits and shrimp! Just after worship….I got this email from Tommy Clevenger:
I do not know where you went in Florida for Spring Break. Many at services today who buy into your aura seem to think you are in some previously hurricane ravished area cooking for and feeding the poor and sewing clothes for the homeless. I hope this is true. I know that is how we used to spend our breaks.

However, I noticed an article buried in today's "Orlando Sentinel" that sounded suspicious. It tells of a man in one of the local theme park's housing areas standing on top of his car shouting "I'm on a journey to ..... the Magic Kingdom. Let's take light and love to Mickey!". It went on to say that, late last night, three men in baby blue t-shirts, talking depressedly about the day's basketball games (something about Tarheels and losing), and wearing baseball caps emblazoned "Grumpy", "Dopey", and "Sneezy" were seen at Seaworld sitting on the side of the dolphin tank with fishing poles and lines. One of them said "Wow! We could feed everyone on one of these!". It conclude about a grey haired guy with a limp. It seems he showed up at Disney World's Princess Breakfast. His wife, daughter, and several other ladies were attractively dressed as Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella. The old guy was dressed as Jasmine from Alladin. Not a pretty sight they said.

Well, time to go roll bandages for our troops. I just wanted to keep you up on what was going on in Florida around you. Have a great Spring Break!

Tommy Clevenger

I guess….I should have kept my Florida location a secret…we have spent a few Spring Breaks in the Orlando area…along with Tulsa, Kansas City, Gatlinburg, Ormond Beach and a few other places…but this year we elected to go to the Gulf Coast!
At first it was just going to be Barbara, Bethany and I…but then Justin decided that he could join us…and just last week…Benjamin changed his plans…so we are all here for a family vacation.
Tommy it will be interesting to see if you get any reports from the Gulf!

I got an email from Johnsie Henderson this morning…that is brother is not doing well…and that he had been taken by ambulance to the hospital this morning…Johnsie was heading to Knoxville to check on him…please keep Johnsie and his family in your prayers.

After lunch, we stopped by the bike rental place (pictures will come later) and rented our Bikes….I have had one little trip…so I need to close out…go get some groceries…take a bike ride…maybe a nap…and get ready to fill out my NCAA bracket….what a Journey!!!!

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