Jonathan’s Journey
Thursday March 12, 2009

A trip to Camp Leatherwood

Wednesday began with our Church Life Cluster meeting at 7:00 AM---followed by our prayer time at 9:00 am…and then a 9:30 am ministers/directors meeting that went until after 11:00 am…and then Mark and Melinda and I spend over an hour together going over their “Marriage Journey”…that they would be sharing during a combined meeting of the Men’s Class and the Sanctuary Class…and since I had the task of moderating or asking questions…we thought it would be a good idea to spend some time together…so I would know in what direction to take the questions.

There presentation was awesome. We had a great crowd in the main auditorium…and Mark and Melinda’s message touched a lot of people. If you would like an audio tape or CD of the class you can contact Ophelia and she will take care of you: Ophelia@brentwoodhills.og

After class Wednesday night, I was honored to participate with our Shepherds in a special time of prayer for their fellow elder---Ronnie Hunter---who will undergo surgery next Tuesday. Ronnie is a little uneasy about the surgery---but he is very confident—and last night he was so at peace after the prayer time with his fellow elders.

Thursday morning….I spend some time transferring the M & M presentation from tape to CD…so I got a chance to listen to the presentation again…this time I could shed a tear or two…last night I was trying to hold my composure---since I was MC the class. After I finished the editing…I wrote my Journey for the Highlights and then headed to Camp Leatherwood to meet with Kelvin Sulivan and his brother to make some plans for our “Re-shaping Camp Leatherwood Project” that we will be sponsoring this spring. You can check out some pictures of the Camp…in our Photo Galleries---2009—Re-shaping Camp Leatherwood. We plan to build a new cabin, and fix up the other building at the camp ground. More details will be announced next week.

Tonight…Barbara, Bethany and I attended the Annual Inner City Catfish Dinner at the Fairgrounds. We eat with Bob and Jane Forrester sitting at Dr. Jeff Hunter’s table! Tonight they raised over $141,000…you can check out pictures in the Photo Galleries---2009—Inner City Catfish Dinner. They will host night two of the fundraiser tomorrow night (Friday March 13th)

I have been watching the SEC tournament….Vanderbilt went down…and Arkansas is losing. Just got the word that Ty Lawson will not play in the ACC tournament…he has an injured right toe. Here is a report from ESPN:

ATLANTA -- North Carolina junior guard Ty Lawson remains questionable for Friday's ACC tournament quarterfinal game against Virginia Tech because of a jammed right toe.
According to a UNC spokesperson, Lawson was still limping earlier Thursday and was wearing a protective boot. Lawson, who was named ACC player of the year Monday, injured the toe prior to last Sunday's game against Duke. Lawson played and had 13 points, eight rebounds, nine assists and four turnovers in the 79-71 victory over Duke.

The top-seeded Tar Heels are projected to get a No. 1 seed and play the first-and-second round of the NCAA tournament in Greensboro, N.C., next Thursday, thus limiting the pressure on Lawson to play if he's not healthy.
Late word tonight…he will not play in the tournament…that is a big loss for my Tar Heels.
Here is nice email…that Ronald Millon sent to Tommy Clevenger (by the way Tommy’s Volunteers take on Alabama tomorrow in the SEC tourney)
Dear brother Tommy, in our cultural, when someone can not say personally how much we love that person , we give him a present. I don´t know how and when my heart start to be close to your heart , I guess my angel Jonathan Seamon is the responsible that my heart be close to your heart. I really thanks God for your love and christian heart. Your prayers keep me alive in this country , thank you very much brother for your support and prayers.
My amigo Jonathan is so blessed to be a friend like you. And i am a very fortunate man to have two wonderful men of God in my journey to the Son. My Journey sometimes is so easy if we have friends and brothers like you, Jonathan , Dick , Ronnie Hunter , Justin and a beautiful church like Brentwoodhills family.

Some times Satan is trying to destroy us, last week he pretended that , but your prayers
keep me save from our enemies. My family feel so safe having a beautiful family praying for us.

I am sending all my love for all you.
Love you hermano Tommy.
Ronald Millon

Always good to hear from Ronald…looks like the Gators are moving on in the SEC…I guess I better head to bed…a busy Friday…office work…task to finish before Spring Break…and I need to visit Matthew Bean…and then come home and PACK! We are heading our early Saturday for a family Spring Break vacation…another Journey…and we will keep you posted!

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