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Tuesday March 10, 2009

What happened to February?

It is already the 10th day of March and I am trying to figure out what happened to February? I guess the six weeks of winter weather might be about over….10 days ago we woke up to snow…today it was 80 degrees…now tomorrow will cool off again with a high of 49 degrees!

Couple of busy days of meetings….Bethany was sick over the weekend and missed school Monday…so I had to go get her school work yesterday….and it seemed odd getting home…with so much Sunshine! It was after 7 pm when it started to get dark…and it was dark when I headed out yesterday morning at 6:00am.

I think my body is having trouble adjusting to Daylight Saving Time!

This afternoon…I went to a DLHS Track scrimmage this afternoon…and then on to a parent/coaches meeting as we prepare for the upcoming season.

I got some emails from Ronald Millon this week…to better explain some other emails from last week. Here is Ronald’s response:

Dear brothers and sister :
The "real " Ronald Millon is witing you! . I say the real beacause you are aware that a young man with a diabolic mind infiltrated my email account and sent those venomous words full of lies to all of you.
Everyone who knows me recognizes that the email sent is not my style . i have a great friendship with brother Jarrod J. B Brown , the President of Mission Lazarus as well as a great relationship with all of the board of directors of Mission Lazarus. I have never said , nor will ever say such lies as those that were in the email you received entitled IMPORTANTE.
Satan is working and he does not quit doing bad things and put doubt in the hearts of many brothers and sisters who hav with much sacrifice made donations so that the work of the Lord through Mission Lazarus can continue harvesting success!

Jesus said : The father of lies is satan and everyone who lies and speaks about againts his brothers is gthe devil.( Jhon 8:44)

Who is wise and understanding among you?
Let him show it by his good life by deeps done in the humilty that comes from wisdom. But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such wisdom does not come down form heaven but is eathly, unspiritual of devil. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice..

But the wisdom that comes from heaven is First of all pure; then peace- loving, considerate submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.( James 3:13-18)

Jesus invite us to pray for those that cause us harm and in this case I invite you to pray with us for this man who has been deceived by evil and use my name to say lies.
I hope that soon this young man will recognize his error and reflect and repent of his evil doing.
Personally , I will be praying for him.

With christian love
Ronald Millon and Family.

Dear hermano, yesterday at was at the Ranch helping Jarrod with a Day of Prayers. 14 preachers were attending this activity and we were praying for the unity of the Church in Honduras , Mission Lazarus´s work, the clinic, the children , also we were praying for Dr. Ronnie Hunter. Hope he continue better. Please say hello.
Also i had the oportunity to work at the office , then time for lunch. At 1:00 p.m all local preachers were attending a seminary with some American brothers learning how to prepare a budget . Espartaco Alonso a graduated from Baxter last year was translating.

5:00 p.m Daysi and I received in our home a visit . The preacher from Limoncillo and others preachers were with us and join us for a tipical Honduras dinner: beans , platano, mantequilla, eggs and coffe. We really enjoyed it.

During this week i will be working in the old building of Mission Lazarus here in Choluteca.
Still we have some articles that we need to move to the Ranch.So I am coordinating this

Tomorrow I have plans to go Tegucigalpa to see Nahum , German and Ronnie. If I can´t i will inform you. But the plan is to see them this week, if God will.

Brotrher Jonathan thanks for to put in your Journey my hard weelk , last week . I know a lot brothers and sister from Brentwoodhills Church and other part of USa, were praying for me and my family. I really apreciatte all that you do for me .
I am sending all my love for Brentwoodhills church.Your prayers keep me strong.

I am sending all my love to Lolita. Tamara and Luther´s baby.

Love you brother
Say hello Justin.
The Journey continue brother.
Ronald Millon

Ronald appreciates all of the emails and notes…from his friends at BHCC that believe in him! Ronald will soon be leaving Mission Lazarus to become the Director of Jovenes en Camino. He will conclude his work at Mission Lazarus this weekend…and he will take off a few days before he begins his new work. I will share more with you later, new email address, etc.

We all want to continue to pray and support the work at Mission Lazarus…Jarrod Brown has been a big help to Ronald and to all of us at BHCC! I look forward to these two groups working together in the days to come.
I have all the confidence in the world in Ronald---he will do a great job. He knows God has called him to lead in this work. He will continue to be supported by BHCC and he will continue to work with us when we are in Honduras…and most importantly…he will continue to share with each us in the JOURNEY!

I haven’t said much about my Tar Heels….a great victory on Sunday afternoon over DOOK! Ranked number one this week in both they prepare for the ACC tournament this weekend!

We’ve got a lot to do the next three days…as we prepare to take some time off next week for Spring Break!

I want to get on a bike and ride all week….now that would be a Journey!

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