Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday March 3, 2009

HOWDY! I’m just so proud to be here!

Those were some of the first word we heard this evening when we arrived at the Opry House for the Atlantic Sun/Lipscomb University pre-tournament reception. After the reception---the group enjoyed the Tuesday night Opry. Representatives from all of the Atlantic Sun schools were on hand for the event. As the teams prepare for the tournament that begins tomorrow (Wednesday) at Allen Arena.

Our journey today…started with a Ministers/Directors meeting this morning…with the main agenda item…plans for this summer’s VBS. Details will be coming soon about some new and exciting plans.

I also previewed a new ‘Christian Film’---The Jonathan Sperry Movie---for Fatima Eid. She is working for a company that is promoting the movie. It is a movie----set in the 1960’s…and it is a good Christian movie…something that is hard to come by.

A couple of more long meetings…and then a quick visit to the hospital…put another wrap on our day.
Now---we close the day with Andy and Lucy…a great way to end the day.
Yesterday…I got this report from Ronald concerning his visit last week to Nashville:
Dear hermano thanks God i am back at home with my family. Sorry for write you soon.
No Internet at the ranch yet.
The following is a report about my last visit to Nashville.
I had the oportunity to visit Nashville from February 24 until 27. It was a short trip. As always my dear brother Jonathan was at the airport waiting for me., it was 12:00 p.m . American Airlines .
After Jonathan pick up me we went to Jonathan´s home. Next day to early Barbara had a great and a lot of breakfast. It was a kind of rice with meat, bread, coffe, fruits, biscuit ., etc. Oh God thanks for gave me the oportunity to spent two days in a home where i saw the love of Jesus. Barbara and her family make me feel at home. Thanks Barbara for your love .
After the breakfast we went to Brentwoodhills church building where we participed with staff pray . It was so good see again Sara and others that day by day are praying . I missed Judy. Jonathan told me that Judy lost a dear family last week. Judy you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. May God give you abundant comfort.

Then we went to see our brother Dick Garner and Jhonsie. It was really great see these two great men. Then we went to see Ronnie Hunter, and his son Jeft. Ronnie and Dick are so special men to me. They inspire me trust and love. It was a blessing to see these two men of God.
Then we had ameeting with Steven Davidson and our brother Greg Beeson, we talked about Jovenes and the responsabilities of the new Director at Jovenes. It was a great meeting with these two men of God.
On Thursday morning Jonathan gave a me a lesson how to prepare an Homelet for breakfast. It was so good. I enjoyed the breakfast that morning. fter the breakfast a meeting was waiting for us . Meeting with our brother Joe, Dick and Jonathan. After the meeting another meeting was waiting for us with all members of Jovenes en Camino Board of Directors. It was a long , but a great meeting.
I am very thankful with God for sent beside me two wonderfuls angels: Dick and Jonathan .
They were with me all the time , they express beautiful and kind words to all persons gathering in the conference room about me and my family.
I never going to forget when Brother Dick said to the Board of Director oif Jovenes the following words: Ronald and his family meants so much to Brentwoodhills Church. Then Jonathan make me cry one more time when he said that I am as his son, and that Ronald Millon and Daysi and my two daughters meants so much to him.
Brother Dick and Jonathan thanks so much for make feel so special . Thanks Jesus for these two angels that He sents to me .After Jonathan said beautiful and kinds words about me and ,my family everybody was crying in the room. Still , when i rermember that meeting I star to cry .
After meeting , we went to visit a special little girl Lola Ann, beautiful baby. Lola was at the Hospital with her mother Tamara and her father Luther, but also i had the oportunity to see a beautiful and special lady, our sister Jan Garner. Love you Jan.My family sent to you a big hug.
Congratulations to Lola grandfathers.
Lola you will be a great lady of God. May God bless you everyday.

Now—here is a report from Dick and Jan about the work at Grandview….

We hope everyone has had a great week! As most of you know, we never made it to class last Tuesday night as our daughter, Tamara, went into labor and delivered a 7 lb. 11 oz. baby girl that evening. Her name is Lola Ann Tanley, and she is now home with her mom and dad and big sister, Emily. Needless to say, we are (once again) proud grandparents of a baby girl!

We are happy to announce that Samuel, one of our students from Lipscomb, has now received the money he needs for his mission trip - thanks to the generosity of many of you! Any money received above and beyond what he needs will be used for additional expenses of the mission group. We received an e-mail from him, and he is deeply appreciative of the tremendous support he has gotten.

Last Saturday Joel organized a yard sale at Grandview to help with expenses for Willian and his family. Ginger has advised us that they will continue that sale this Saturday, so if you have anything that you would like to donate, please bring it tonight!

Looking forward to seeing each of you tonight!

Dick and Jan

Have a great Journey….

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