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Saturday February 28, 2009

Mild…colder…rain…flooding…and SNOW???

If you don’t like the Nashville Weather---just hang around a day or so---and it will change! That has been the case this week…as we anticipate the morning rain…to change to snow later today! Yesterday…I started with a light jacket (I left the house at 4:15 am---and I will explain why later)---then I went to a short sleeve shirt…but as the day went a long I could tell it was getting colder—so the jacket was back in use by later afternoon…and I anticipate needing a bigger coat by this evening.
Now, back to the last few days of my Journey.

We have been going non-stop since late Tuesday night. Our friend—Ronald Millon from Honduras---made a quick trip to Nashville for two days of meeting. It was not a trip that we have been planning for month…it sort of came together over a two week period…and while he was here we were going 90 MPH each day!

Tuesday night---I picked him at the Nashville International Airport at about midnight. His flight arrived just before the clock struck 12:00 AM. After just a few hours of sleep we were up for a full day of meetings. (Most of those activities were covered in my last Journey---one thing I didn’t mention was a little JOKE we had Ronald play on Tommy…about his love for VANDERBILT! Tommy’s blood runs orange (well he’s got a lot of purple and gold mixed in…but NO Vanderbilt Gold….so we had a good laugh!) It prompted this response from TC:

I just want you to know that I have activated a team of prayer warriors (well, really just me and the two cats) to try to seek forgiveness for several of you. Last night one of the people I most love and respect (Ronald) was at dinner. What should I find out but that Doug Walton had blatantly attempted to lead Ronald into a lie (if this was a Catholic group it would be in the classification "Mortal Sin") by trying to get Ronald to ask me about being a Vandy fan! And who should be pushing and promoting this abuse but you (a minister) and Ronnie Hunter (an elder). Sin is sin, no distinction, no big or small, and you three are knee deep in one. I just hope our prayers are enough to get you all forgiveness and turn you from the wide path you started down. Just know I am concerned about you.

Tommy Clevenger
When we got home Wednesday night from Church…Ronald went straight to bed…he was worn out…and we still had a full Thursday to go! One of my favorite TV shows used to be 48-Hours…and for 48-Hours…Ronald and I were meeting with a lot of people and going a lot of places!

Thursday Morning…I let him sleep a little later…I think I got him up at 7:30 instead of 7:15! Actually he gets up early on his own…ready to go to work. After getting Bethany off to school (she had to go in her formal Chorus attire…since the chorus was heading to Murfreesboro for a competition. By the way the DLHS Chorus will perform at BHCC this Sunday night.) Barbara headed off to CURVES…and I cooked breakfast for Ronald and me.

Ham and Cheese Omelets made up the main course! After breakfast we headed to BHCC for a 9:00 am meeting. Ronald began the meeting---While Dick Garner and I joined the rest of the staff to look at mess and some damage that had been done in the FLC after the Fellowship Meal. We have a lot of children and young people that are playing without supervision. I am really afraid that someone is going to get hurt. The jumping on the Room in the Inn equipment and the running around the portable walls is going to have to stop before we have someone get hurt. I have addressed the issue in this week’s Highlights….and I will take a few moment to discuss the matter with the church family Sunday morning.

After our field trip…Dick and I joined Ronald for the meeting….and one meeting led to another at another location…and a couple of hours after lunch…we were back at the office…were Ronald went to the Library to do some reading…and I got to work on the Highlights Article…emails…messages and other items that were on my agenda.
Then about 4:30…Ronald and I left the building for one of our most important task. We were on a mission at TARGET…to find a BARBIE doll for Caroline! Barbara had already collected several gifts for the girls and Daisy…and I had some shirts for Ronald and the leaders at the Kennedy Church…so much stuff that I had to round up a “carry-on” bag so he could get all of his gifts back home!

Yes---we found the Barbie…and then had time for a quick dinner…before Steve Davidson was picking up Ronald to take him to his first HOCKEY game! He said the NHL match was a lot like soccer…as they yelled for the GOALS!!!! And he got to see a Nashville victory. As for dinner…or really a snack…we had two of my favorites! A Hot Dog and Pop Corn at the Target Grill! I knew he would be snacking or eating more at the game…and I was heading to the Bison game…and Ronald knows how much I like Hot Dogs!

After the Hockey game…Steve Davidson dropped Ronald off at Allen Arena…and after I packed up our equipment we headed home…arriving about midnight! We had to leave at 4:15 AM for the Airport…so after packing…Ronald got a few hours of sleep…but he told me he could nap on the airplane!

On our way to the airport—it started raining---pouring down! We got in line at American Airlines…and then were joined by Greg Beeson who came to see Ronald off…and then we saw Erin Keckley…who was heading to Honduras for her Spring Break….so the two of them would be on the same flight! It is always good to see a friend…when you are flying alone.

On my way back home…there was a lot of water on the highways! The wind was blowing…and the creek was rising! Mill creek along Nolensville road was beginning to creep into nearby yards.

My Friday…was full of quick stops and a few meetings. I made several morning stops…and then after an afternoon meeting with Walt Leaver…I headed to Sam’s to pick up a Cake for Bethany’s Church League Basketball Team Party!

Tom Hunt and Bob Morris were the girl’s coaches….and they did a great job! It was a little stressful for these competitive coaches…since wins were hard to come by this year. But the girls had a great time playing together…and they improved throughout the year.

Tom has been coaching girl’s church league basketball for over 17 years. He got his start at Antioch…and then moved to BHCC not long after the Leaver’s came to Brentwood Hills. He has over 200 wins…and he is chasing Pat Summit and Don Meyer!

Last night Tom presented awards to the girls. I am very proud of Bethany…she was voted by the girls as the team’s Most Valuable Player…and she was honored by the league coaches…by being selected to the All-Star team. She was one of seven girls selected from about 160 participants.
The team was very young….7th, 8th and 9th graders playing in a league of teams that were made up mostly by older High School students. Tom and Bob---coach two teams---and their older team…went undefeated during the regular season and lost in the tournament championship when a last second shot came up short.

Their leadership with both teams…brought them the honors of being selected by the league coaches as “Coaches of the Year”. Tom and Bob….thanks for giving your time, energy, support and encouragement to our daughters and young ladies!

After cleaning up from the dinner….we checked out the “sock” wars going on in the Family Life Center for the young boys—sponsored by Suzanne Martin and Betsy Burris and the Children’s Ministry. I think the Fathers enjoy the “war” as much as the boys. I bet there will be a lot of sore arms this morning!

On the drive home…I called my mom and dad to talk with them…and to see how their day had gone. I then got home just in time to hear the weather and the prediction of snow for tonight…it will be interesting if we get any of the white stuff. I then did a little computer work…preparing my game sheets and notes for today’s 2pm tip off with North Florida…the last regular season game for the Bisons….before the A-Sun Tournament begins on Wednesday.

We then watched Andy Griffith…and shortly after we started watching I Love Lucy…I was out like light on the couch! My last couple of days…had finally caught up with me!
It was raining when I got up this morning…but it has stopped for now. We will keep an eye on the weather…because it is what we all talk about…and after the snow…we have warm weather coming back in for next week! Stick around…we’ll get you what you want over the next few days…rain—snow—and mild spring weather!

Enjoy your Saturday Journey!
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