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Friday February 20, 2009

Reed White gets to go home!

Late this afternoon I got a text from Ryan White….that Reed was home…100 days after the birth of their twins…Keeley and Ryan have both Reed and Braden at home! What a blessing. Many prayers are answered. Barbara is with the Winterfest group...and as soon as she got the word she called me about the same time that I got the text from Ryan. Here is the post from their web site today…

100 Days!
Yes, that is right...Reed has been in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for 100 days. Even though it has been a long 100 days, we have so very much to be thankful for. Reed is doing great since his transplant, and we are so blessed for how far he has come in these 100 days. God has blessed Ryan and I with Reed and Braden and we cannot imagine our lives without these boys.
We owe huge thank you's to so many of you for bringing us food, helping with Braden, visiting Reed in the hospital, and the list could go on and on. But the most important thing that we need to thank you for is praying for our sweet little Reed. It is amazing to step back and see what this little 3 month old has already been through in his life and we owe God all of the glory!

So here is what I would love for each of you to do that have followed this blog and prayed for our family during these times. I would love for you to either leave a comment, your favorite scripture, a note to Reed, or just to simply say you were praying him during these past 100 days.

Please go to their web site and leave them a message.

I am on the road in Macon, Georgia…where the Bisons won tonight 88-67 over Mercer.
Tommy Clevenger was excited.

OK - you kept the win streak alive! One more to go on this road trip. See how good you do when you get away from all those meetings!
Tommy Clevenger

Here are my Journey blogs that I wrote for
Travel Log
Thursday February 19, 2009 and Friday February 20th, 2009

It is Friday morning….and we are about 45 minutes from loading the bus and heading to practice at Mercer. The Lady Bisons…who suffered a loss at the hands of the Lady Bears are loading the bus and heading up the road toward Kennesaw, Georgia—where they will play tomorrow afternoon.
Our travels began yesterday when we loaded our WISE COACH and pulled out from the Allen Arena loading dock at 2 PM. The team had practiced at 12:30 and then packed and loaded the bus for the trip to Georgia.
I had taken a lot of bus rides in my 30 plus years of traveling with Bison teams. I have learned to make them my “office” on the road! Technology has changed over the years. In the early years---a pen and a legal pad was all I needed to some work.
Now I must have files, my cell phone, my cell phone internet connection to my laptop. Yesterday for nearly 2 ½ hours I was on my computer answering and sending emails, talking on the phone, listening to the TODAY SHOW that I downloaded on my I-touch that morning and the podcast of the Lipscomb-Mercer game from earlier this season---and watching a movie on the bus monitors. Multi-tasking at its best!
We stopped for a rest break just across the Georgia state line. The team had snacked on fruit, energy bars and Gatoraide along the way. However, we were all preparing for a great meal at one of our favorite Italian Restaurants at the Kennesaw exit. It think their rolls rank up there with the “sweet rolls” at our favorite eating establishment in Deland, Florida.
Traffic was very heavy going into the Kennesaw area…and that continued through Atlanta. The rest of the way to Macon, I listen to a couple of podcast of sermons and yes took a nap!
After checking in the LaQuinta Inns and Suites----we turned on ESPN for a while---and then Benjamin found a very interesting program on the History Channel about the building of Boston, the Masons and Benjamin Franklin!
I worked on my game prep---answered a couple of phone calls, did some paper work, etc. Benjamin fell asleep early---I then watched the late news---including highlights of the Lady Bisons’ game. I have to let Benjamin get to sleep first…before I start my snoring!
I woke up at my regular time…but I was able to go back to sleep and get a little extra sleep before I got up and began doing a few things this morning. We were to gather at 8:30 in the Breakfast area. Both teams were there together eating. Coach Sanderson was preparing food to take back to his room. Two of his boys (Grant and Clint) are on the trip….and he told me they were sleeping so good---he hated to wake them up…so he took them breakfast back to their room! How many times have us dads done things like that for our children…and we happy to do it! I always enjoyed taking my boys with me on trips like this when they were young…and I am sure he enjoys it now! Now, for the past six years---I have enjoyed talking my boys along to HELP me on the trips!
We spent a long time a breakfast….long conversations with Coach Bennett. Coach has been a friend for many years…and we enjoy talking about the present team…and the old times…and a lot of great stories. He and Al Austelle (former assistant baseball coach) both came to Lipscomb at the same time…and we have a lot of great stories to share.
This morning, after Craig Hartline (the Voice of the Lady Bisons) joined us at the breakfast table---we got to telling old broadcasting tales….and how technology had changed over the year. My first broadcast nearly 40 years ago, were “Little League” baseball games and men’s slow pitch softball tournaments! The old days of tape delay and then the early days of live sports broadcasting baseball games from remote college fields that didn’t have telephone lines or press boxes!
Our first broadcasts were not on the radio. We just sent the feeds back to campus and they were played in Alumni Auditorium, the Student Center and Bison Square. For some of those first broadcast they would take an overhead projector and draw and project a scoreboard on the screen.
You know you are getting old…when you start laughing at those old stories!
As we were leaving the breakfast area---Craig got a phone call that our friend Jim Wood passed away early this morning. I then got this email from Phil Ellenburg:

Our brother and friend, Jim Wood, passed away around 2:00 this morning. Marge and Bill were at his side. Arrangements are still being finalized, but tentatively, visitation will be held at Woodlawn on Sunday afternoon and evening and the funeral will be Monday at 11:00 at the Granny White Church of Christ. We know Jim is in a much better place, but please continue to remember Mrs. Wood, the boys and the rest of the family as you lift them up in prayer to the Father during this difficult time.


Phil Ellenburg
Jim was a great Bison Booster. A former president of our “old” Bison club and a longtime supporter of Lipscomb Athletics. Most recently---for the past several years he has headed up a monthly meeting of “former Bisons”---better known as the Jim Wood Group! His Family has been part of the Lipscomb family for years---attending the campus school, the university and supporting the school in many ways! I am sure there will be more updates and information posted on the Lipscomb web site and the athletic site.
We are getting ready for the Bisons and the Lady Bisons to invade the Atlanta area…the softball, baseball and both Basketball teams will be in the area for games this weekend!
I picked up my computer and moved to the hotel lobby…to wait for the team…to head to the bus…so I could finish this log posting. In my next writing we will talk about Athletic Director Philip Hutcheson and his induction into the Tennessee Sports Hall of fame.
Thanks for reading…just before the South Carolina Upstate game it was good to meet basketball signee Zach Brown and his family. His dad told me that as a “new parent” getting ready to join the “family” he had enjoyed the blogs---to learn about our trips! Thanks for reading and for traveling along with us…as we get ready to go….”Put it in the book”!
Travel Log
Friday February 20, 2009
Game Day Practice….about 11:30 AM we loaded the bus for the 10-15 minute drive to the Mercer campus from our hotel. I pods…books…newspapers…and computers…cell phones all part of the bus trip for some of the support staff.
Inside the arena…greetings and handshakes with the host school coaches. This was my first time to talk to first year Mercer Coach Bob Hoffman. Our path first crossed in the old NAIA days when he was coaching at Oklahoma Baptist. He has been to several colleges and some minor league professional teams---before landing here in Mercer last summer.
His team had done good this year. Knocked off several big name schools during the pre-conference schedule and now they have won five in a row. Two of the hottest teams in the Atlantic Sun will lock horns tonight for the CSS game of the week.
Speaking of the CSS game…Matt Stewart (play by play) and Sonny Smith (color) were at shoot around today! What a blast. Matt and I were working on our game notes…and laughing the entire time…as Sonny told story after story. He has coaching stories a mile long---from Milligan College to Pepperdine to Auburn to East Tennessee State---and now following several years of working in TV with the Atlantic Sun….it is fun to talk to him about our league.
He always has a few Wimp and Scott Sanderson stories.
As soon as our practice was over…the Belmont women were taking the floor. They play Mercer tomorrow afternoon. Outside of the arena….our Bus driver and Belmont’s driver were exchanging notes, stories, etc. Turns out---they have been friends for years.
1:20 PM EST---back at the hotel…time to go ride the bike---as I continue to rehab the new knee! We leave for pre-game meal at 2:50PM.
I got about 25 minutes in on the bike—then some stretching. Meanwhile Coach Jay Walton was getting in a good workout! We walked up the street for another great pre-game meal…a lot peanuts, great rolls---and chicken or steak at Logan’s Roadhouse.
Bus leaves at 5:30 for the arena…tonight is a 7 PM Eastern tip…with the game on CSS and a lot of other media outlets as Trevor explains in this email:
NASHVILLE, TENN. – Tonight's men's basketball game at Mercer will be broadcast on a tape delay on Cox Sports Television tonight at 10 p.m. Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast, and the Bright House Sports Network will carry the game live at 6 p.m.

With the addition of CST, tonight's game will reach over nine million households in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Matt Stewart and Sonny Smith will be on the call in this week's Atlantic Sun Game of the Week.

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CST Coverage Chart:

Of course…you can listen in around the world…here at
Tonight will be a big night for Athletic Director Philip Hutcheson. He is being inducted in to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. This is a special honor for Philip. I know that Fessor Boyce and Ken Dugan are members of this Hall of Fame…we might have other people that are members of this Hall. We have a lot of people associated with Lipscomb in different Hall of Fames. Several of us are honored to be part of the NAIA Hall of Fame.
I have had the pleasure to attend many of these Hall of Fame ceremonies. I was honored to be asked by Coach Dugan to accompany him and sit with him on stage in Knoxville when he was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. Earlier, Coach had been inducted into the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame…at Opryland Hotel…and none of the wives were in attendance---except for Diane(coach’s wife)---and she didn’t want to go through another experience like that---so I was asked to sit on stage with coach.
Diane was at the event sitting at a table with their children, my wife Barbara, Andy Lane and others---while Coach and I entered the room with the spotlight following us to the stage.
The announcer introduced each member of the Hall of Fame Class….and their spouses. To this day whenever we talk about this event…we all get a good chuckle….when we recall the announcer saying,
“Coach Ken Dugan and his Friend Jonathan Seamon”---by the time we got to the stage Diane and the entire table was laughing uncontrollable! Just this last week at the Jeff Forehand and Friends Luncheon, Andy Lane and I were talking about Philip’s induction---and it triggered this memory and of course Andy busted out laughing!
I am sure tonight will be a great evening for Philip, his family and the university!
Meanwhile, here in Macon, Georgia….a streak will be broken…Mercer has won five straight games and the Bisons have won four straight….let’s hope the Bisons can extend their streak! It will soon be time to head to the gym…so we can…
Put it in the book!!!!

It has been a busy day…emails---emails and more emails today…but a good day…Reed White went home…our Winterfest group arrived safely…and the Bisons won!
Now it is time to go to sleep…so let’s Put it in the book!
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