Jonathan’s Journey
Wednesday February 11, 2009

Tar Heels win!

The Bisons picked up a win in Buies Creek on Monday night…a 16 point win over Campbell! We then were up early Tuesday morning for the ride to Raleigh, NC to catch our flight to Nashville. Tuesday was busy with meetings and other work…and then Barbara, Bethany m Benjamin and I joined Bob and Jane for dinner at Pizza Perfect—before we headed to Allen Arena to watch the Lady Bisons and Belmont.

It was good to visit with William and Sherry Phillips. Sherry served as my secretary at Lipscomb for years---and since my leaving the university---she has continued as the athletic secretary serving both Steve Potts and Philip Hutcheson.
We witnessed something in the first half---which I have never seen before. The Lady Bisons fell behind 0-11---then came back to tie the score at half time 33-33. The Lady Bisons did it with 10 3 pointers…and 3 free throws…and NO 2 pointers! The Ladies had a tough fought game…but lost by two…when they failed to hit three free throws in the final seconds of the game.

Benjamin left at half…to go help coach his BHCC church league team. They had a tournament game---against the other BHCC team. Their older team picked up the victory. Meanwhile, we had to leave during the final minute…so we would not be late for Bethany’s tournament game.

Coaches Tom Hunt and Bob Morris…had been in the gym since 6:30 pm…scouting the other games and preparing their game plan for their opening tournament game. They coach both of the BHCC teams…and yes the older team is leading the league…and our team was in last place---so we were having to play one of the better teams. We stuck with them…losing by just 5 points! Not a lot of wins this year (none) but a lot of fun for the girls! Thanks Tom and Bob…and the other that helped with the teams.

Coach Hunt was not happy last night…his Demon Deacons of Wake Forest---lost to N.C. State….but I am sure that he was excited that Carolina defeated DOOK! Tom’s mother would not have been happy. While she was alive, I had a friendly rivalry with her about DOOK, Wake and Carolina. I loved Dean Smith and my Heels…she was not a Dean fan! We did agree in supporting Vanderbilt---except when they were playing my Bisons or my Tar Heels!

Wednesday---the morning was filled with a couple of meetings…and general work…then I headed to Lipscomb for the final “Fast Break Luncheon” of the year. Just before noon…the wind was blowing to gust of 25 miles an hour or more…and it was pouring down rain. We thought the rain was going to be with us for the entire day…but it blew right through the city! It left some trees down…and even after the rain left…it continued to be very windy. It was pleasant, sunny---but windy.

Randy Perry and I had a meeting with the new City Manager of the City of Oak Hill—Kevin Helms. After our meeting we were standing outside of the City Hall continuing to talk…and the wind just about blew us over…and literally picked up one man and moved him a few feet!

Just before 5 PM…I headed to a Gallatin road funeral home to visit with a family…of a young man that I had not seen in nearly 35 years. Monday, I got a phone call from a college classmate---telling me of the death of Gerald Bradford. Gerald had been a pre-teen the last time I saw him. He was confined to a wheel chair…and our University Civitan Club had adopted him as our little brother. Several of our members visited with and took Gerald to special events.

I had not stayed in touch with Gerald since graduation. I learned yesterday…that he had lived in the East Nashville Area---for about 20 years---in apartment by himself. Several caregivers, would take him groceries and help to care for him. I got to meet some of his family…including a brother and sister. I told them, I had not seen or heard from him in years---but I had some very fond memories of our times spent together…while I was in College.
I hate---I lost contact with him through the years.

After my visit to the funeral home…I rushed back to BHCC in time to enjoy the Valentine’s fellowship Meal…and then to listen to Rick Harris share with the Men’s Class. He took his through the Journey that his family witnessed in 2007…with the birth and death of their granddaughter Eden. It was an inspiring testimony of faith.

No elder’s meeting Wednesday night…so I got home…about 4 minutes after tip-off…and the Heels were up 4-6 and eventually 11 points! I was feeling good…then they stopped playing defense and fell down by about 8 points at halftime!

However, we turned things around in the second half…and won for the fourth straight time at Cameron Indoor Stadium! Benjamin texted me to say Roy (Williams—UNC Coach) yelled at them at half time! I agreed!
Some of my fondest childhood memories, include coming home from mid-week services…to watch ACC basketball on TV with my family…and enjoying pop corn. Not the microwave corn like I had last night…but the real stuff…that dad would pop in a pan over the stove! Homework would have to be finished…or I would run back and forth to my room during commercials to finish the work….but these late Wednesday nights of watching basketball…molded me into the Carolina fan that I am today! Back then, during the ‘golden age’ of Television---there was no ESPN…but the ACC had LIVE TV coverage on Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon…and I loved to be glued to the TV or listening to my favorite team on the radio! Yes, I had a “nine transistor” radio…that I could put under my pillow and listen to station from around the country!
It was the beginning of my “love” for broadcasting!

Here is a new update from Ronald
Dear hermano , here in Honduras everybody is waiting the soccer game tomorrow night. Honduras versus Costa Rica. My heart is divided .

Monday another busy day. We started the day with the staff open pray, then meeting with two local preachers. Marvin Garcia and Espartaco Alonzo, both are alummni of Baxter.

I invited them to have a meeting every monday after our open prayer. We discuss goals and how we can be more efeectives sharing the good news of Jesus. , Then at nine o' clock another meeting was waiting for me in a community named Monjaras. I took Marvin and espartaco with and as you said We running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. We arrived on time to the meeting . In this community Mission Lazarus began last year a Early childhood development Center, and this year our goal is to open again this Center with 120 children.
I interviewed ten new employes that will be working at this Center.
I finished the meeting in this area and then i returned with Marvin and espartacio to the office to have another meeting . A sister in christ was waiting for me at the office. She is from a community named San Lorenzo , Her name is Paula, and she has a cancer . Colon cancer. She came looking for a help , she is needing a test , and other things that i can't write in english . Sorry.
I called Jarrod and we were praying for this lady and Mission Lazarus will help her with the expenses to see the doctor. She was so happy and trusting in God .

Time to go the lunch. and also time for another meeting. young man came to talk with me about a dificult situation that he has with hsi father. i took this young man to my house and Daysi and I gave him some advice. Afternoon i called the father of this young man and we had another meeting trying to help this family.
3:00 p.m i runnin againg like a chicken , but this time look for my daughter chelsea at the school. I let her at home and then another meeting with Jarrod.
In this month Mission Lazarus office is moving to the Ranch. On friday all the staff and offices of Mission Lazarus will be at the Ranch.
This meants to travel everyday to the Ranch. My officce be there.
Please brother keep us in your prayers.

Thanks God for the oportunity that he gave me to work in His Kingdom. I love it.
Thanks to all my family from Brentwoddhills for support our work in Honduras.
We are praying for all our brother and sister coming this summer to Honduras.
Thanks for coming and bless many , many people ,and churches in Honduras.

Have a great day. Please say hello hermano Tommy C. , Ronnie Hunter, hermano Dick ,How is brother TRavis Taylor? We continue praying for his recuperation.Please say hello to all my elders and deacons.
with christian love
Ronald Millon

Last weekend we had two to Kentucky to help the storm victims. Here is a report from Jerry Cover...and information about plans for more trips:

Thank you for offering hope to so many families in the Paducah, Kentucky area.

There were 35 hard workers on the Sunday Brigade including several guys from Back40Outreach, the Men’s Ministry and even three young people form the middle school youth group. By my count we worked on about a dozen different properties, cutting trees, clearing limbs and doing massive cleanup. Ryan brought his tractor and front loader for some heavy duty lifting, and chainsaws roared across the countryside.

I received a letter from Les Sternburg at the Lone Oak Church of Christ and they were blown away at how much work was done on Sunday. They were so encouraged that someone really cared about the tremendous pain that their community is going through.

The folks at the church fixed up a wonderful lunch and offered encouragement to a bunch of tired hands.

There is so much more to do……they desperately need more help. Thousands of Families need our help during the worst natural disaster in Kentucky’s history.

I am attaching the master list of everyone that signed up to go or has already gone on the trip. If you can send me any missing data, emails, phone #, etc. I would appreciate it.

We will be organizing trips on the following dates. If you can go with a team, or know someone that can, please email me asap so we can plan our teams.

I am also looking for team leaders to help head up the groups.

Next Brigade Dates:

Sunday February 22

Sunday March 1

If you can help or know anyone who can….great opportunities await.


Jerry Cover
615.351.5761 the day...the Battle of the Boulevard Part 2! Lipscomb-Belmont at Allen Arena--6 pm tip off. The game will be on CSS TV...or
Go Bisons! Have a great Journey today!

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