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Saturday January 17, 2009

On the road in South Carolina

Here is my Bison Travel Log that is also posted at

Bison Travel Log
Saturday, January 17, 2009

8:15 am---I wake up and get up first. I was the last to sleep last night…a tradition in our room…since both of my sons know that I snore…and they want to be sleep before I lay my head on my pillow. But that is fine, because I usually sleep less than either boy. So, I am up and have my shower before I get Benjamin up and send him to Coach Sanderson’s room to pick up our breakfast. We are having McDonald sandwiches before we load the bus and head to “shoot around”.

9:00 am---Benjamin picks up breakfast. We get ready…watch the news and then get ready to head to the bus.

9:35am—Benjamin, Trevor and I are first to the bus —Thomas Pfaff was right on our heels…as everyone had to be on the bus—ready to pull out by 9:45 am.

10:00 am –we arrive at the Memorial Center for our ‘shoot around’. Coach Sanderson came over to visit while the players were stretching. We were sitting in the new “high priced” seats…about 20 comfortable seats right on the court on the press road side. ETSU has removed part of the press table…to put in these new soft seats. Trevor and Benjamin watched the entire practice from these seats. My conversation with coach centered on the “cold” arena. I am not sure they had any heat on in the gym. Some said it was part of the state’s budget cuts!

It was still cool when the Lady Bisons tipped off at 1:30 and I thought it was still nippy when the Bisons started playing at 3: 00 pm Nashville time.

11:00 am---we are back in the room. ( the hotel at ETSU---is just across the street from the arena)---and we had an hour before our pre-game meal at noon. The Lady Bisons had a pre-breakfast before heading to the gym for their game. Meanwhile, Benjamin started packing up and watching ESPN Game Day from the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. During this part of the broadcast---ESPN did a feature on Coach Don Meyer. Coach is now the winningest coach in college basketball. They did a great job on a feature about the accident…his cancer and then his coaching. After the interview—Bobby night had some great comments about Coach Meyer and his passion for the game. It was a nice feature.

12:00 noon—Pre-game meal at the hotel. That meant we could just the elevator down to the banquet room…and we didn’t have to load the bus and go anywhere for the pre-game meal. That gave us more time to rest in the room before leaving at 1:30 for the arena…and we arrive just in time for the Lady Bison tip.

The Lady Bisons struggled and lost for the second time on this road trip. They had lost at USC Upstate on Thursday…so after the game they load the WISE Coach and headed back to Nashville. Their game ended about 3:10 EST time---so we had about 50 minutes before our game would begin.

4:00 pm---The Bisons jump our to a 13-2 lead…and went on to lead by 15 points at half time. But ETSU battled back in the second half…to send the game into overtime. The Bucs were down four points in the overtime…but came back to win the game by 3 points. A disappointing fourth straight loss…and our seventh straight loss to East Tennessee State.

Tommy Clevenger...was listening to the game...and he kept me going with email updates:
Obviously the ball went off our foot and you were wrong because referees do not make mistakes! Just ask 'em.
Tommy Clevenger

Ball off ETSU player - they get the ball
We block a shot - foul
We dribble downcourt - charge
We go back down court - travel


Let's get a hot streak and stretch that lead!

Good effort by the Bisons against Tennessee Eastman! Funny how those strange calls like jump balls go at the end. But, hey, we blew a 15 point lead.

I'm exhausted! How does a man your age stand this when a calm guy like me can get so caught up?

Twenty something free throw points by ETSU and twenty something turnovers by LU were killers. But we had our chances.

PS: hope both your Mom and Barbara's Mom are better.
Tommy Clevenger

I was exhausted after the game...though I was going to have a heart attack! By the way our mothers are improving.

After the post game…we loaded the equipment…got on the bus and headed to I-26 and our bus trip to Spartanburg, SC. On the bus we enjoyed what Benjamin called our best post game meal…Marco’s Fresh Baked subs and chicken. It did hit the spot. After dinner---I have been typing the travel log…and watching last night’s NBC Nightly News and another episode of THE OFFICE!

I then started listening to the Lipscomb game with Campbell…and I feel a sleep and got a nice nap on the bus…as we arrived in Spartanburg at 9:00 pm…just in time to rush to our room to watch the Carolina—Miami game! The Tar Heels were struggling in the first half…but a 14-0 run to end the half and now they are up by 19 in the second half.

10:00 PM EST---a quick team meeting to announce that breakfast will be brought in at 9:00 am and the bus will leave at 9:40 to head to the Spartanburg Church of Christ. I got on the web…found some directions and the nice lady at the front desk said we were about 10 minutes from the building. The morning service begins at 10:00 am. We practice tomorrow at 1:30.

Time to catch the rest of the Carolina game…and let Benjamin get to sleep first…because it is about time to ‘Put it in the book”!

We will miss being with you at BHCC in the morning...I am not sure if I can listen on the we will be going to the Spartanburg Church of Christ...about 9 am Nashville time...have a great Journey...
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