Jonathan's Journey
Friday January 16, 2009 Part 2

On the road again...

Tonight I come to you from the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City, Tennessee. Benjamin and I will be broadcasting the Bisons/ETSU game tomorrow at 3:00 pm at

I have some emails...that I need to share...Barbara Anderson sent me this note...that Coach Meyer will be featured on ESPN's Game Day on Saturday (1/17/09)--by the way Game Day will be coming form Chapel Hill...and the Dean Smith Center:

On Saturday January 17 on ESPN College Gameday a segment (about 5 minutes) will air about Coach - this show is on from 10-11 CST

Thought you might want to know!

Barbara Anderson

The following from either Susan or Bill Pauley...and it is aimed at Tommy Clevenger...I think it might be from Bill! know how Tommy is.........always wanting someone to keep on asking him........and asking, and asking........sort of like Barney Fife.......then he takes the BIG JUMP (like we know he will do).........I wouldn't worry about him....he just flies all around the world like a bald eagle......and then he'll swoop down........I'm sure we will be blessed by a comment from him before long. On another note, the bulletin was wonderful this past week.....and you're right.....we tend to read it instead of singing and listening to worship.....GUILTY! Will try and do better........thanks again for all your diligence in this ministry, not to mention all the other hundreds of things you do for us. Stay warm.....I have an extra electric blanket if you need it.........but doesn't have 'lights'.......:)

Had a busy morning at BHCC...before heading to Lipscomb to MC a luncheon.

Just talked to Barbara...and she said the low last night was 5 degrees! It was a cold one last night...and Coach Tom Hunt made us leave our warm houses to go to a girls church league basketball game at Kenrose Elem. School! And we had to walk a country mile from the parking lot to the gym!

However, I ejoyed watching his older girls play...he invited Callie Essex and Bethany to practice and play with the team last night. Between church events and travel--I had not seen Bethany play this year...and I will miss her game tomorrow. So it worth going out in the cold last night.

Justin came home for the weekend...since he is out of school on Monday. Most schools are closed for MLK Day...however the BHCC offices will be open---not a holiday for our staff.

However, I will be out of the office Monday---I will be at USC Upstate in Spartanburg, SC for a 1 Pm Bison game! It is great that it is a holiday--so we can play early and then bus home! Sorry men, I will miss the Monday Morning Quarterbacks again this coming Monday...they will be meeting at 6:30 am.

I learned yesterday that my mother now has a little touch of pnemonia. She has been sick since January 3rd...and her voice...etc...has gone into pnemonia. She is at home and on medicine. Barbara talked to her today...and she is improving each day. Meanwhile, Barbara's mother is making progress each day.

There is a lot of sickness going around! I pray that you stay well!

About time for bed here in East I will share my Bison Travel Log....and we will call it a night!

Bison Travel Log
Friday January 16, 2009


11:25 am CST---my cell phone rings. It is Andy Lane---and before I can answer the phone it goes to my voice mail. I had my arms full loading my truck with my brief case and our radio equipment.

Once I was in my truck—I returned the phone call to Andy Lane. He was wondering if I had forgotten the Jeff Forehand and Friends Luncheon…that I was schedule to MC and ask questions to Lipscomb baseball coach Jeff Forehand, Middle Tennessee baseball coach Steve Peterson and Belmont baseball Coach Dave Jarvis. I thought the luncheon began at noon…just like the Fastbreak Club…however these events begin at 11:30.

Andy was getting a little concerned.

However, it is just a few minutes from Brentwood Hills to Lipscomb and I would be there in plenty of time…since the program wouldn’t begin until about 12:05. (I forgot—parking is an issue on campus---and I had to drive around hunting for a parking space—but we made it in plenty of time.)

It was an enjoyable time. I enjoyed interviewing the coaches and they had some great answers! It is hard to believe that we are just about a month away from the first baseball game of the year. As Coach Forehand pointed out…we hope it won’t be 6 degrees on February 20th!

During the luncheon the Bison Basketball team was busy on the court. They were getting in an hour practice before we loaded the bus and headed to East Tennessee.

I should thank Andy and Coach Forehand for the invitation to be part of the luncheon. I also need to thank Greta Harber and Sherry Phillips. They made me a plate, so I could eat after the event. Sherri Eubanks always does that for me at the Fastbreak Club…I have found that when I have to speak or interview folks I do better not to rush and eat before the event begins. Today it was another great meal from the Dairy King and Jeff Jones.

1:20 pm CST I went to the Athletic Office to check with Sherri Eubanks about the departure time for a couple of upcoming flight future road trips. I wanted to make sure that I could schedule a couple of meetings, etc around getting to the airport on time. While there, former Bison Greg Eubanks said he had been reading the travel blog. Thanks for reading. Monday night at the Belmont game---Bruins play by play announcer Kevin Ingram also mentioned he read the travel log…and enjoyed our conversation on the plane to Jacksonville.

1:35 pm CST I moved my truck to the lower level of the parking garage and loaded my gear on the bus. We are scheduled to pull out for East Tennessee at 2:00 pm…and we always try to be on the bus 15 minutes prior to departure. You don’t want to be late or last getting on the bus!

I had plenty of work for the next three hours as we headed to Knoxville. I made several phone calls and answered and sent emails during the trip. I usually get a lot of work done on bus rides and plane flights.

This trip I also got to break in my new I-touch that the family gave me for Christmas. Benjamin downloaded a season of “THE OFFICE”…I downloaded several podcast including NBS Nightly News, The Today Show, PTI and Mike and Mike in the Morning. I also have all of the podcast of the Bison games. I listen to them to work on improving our broadcast. For years I have listen to my game tapes and to other broadcasters---seeking ways to improve.

By the way watching the news on the I-Touch was neat.

6:05 pm EST we arrived at Ruby Tuesday. A great meal and then we were back on the bus for about a 90-100 mile trip to the hotel in Johnson City.

U-turn number one.

One of the players realized ( I won’t name him—we’ll keep that a secret) that he left his phone in the restaurant---so we had to make a U-Turn just before we got back on I-40 and head back to Ruby Tuesday!

After the pick-up we were back on the road…and before you knew it we were arriving in the Johnson City area. Finding the Carnegie Hotel on State of Franklin Street can be a little confusing. The bus driver mentioned at dinner that he had put the information in his GPS…but he was having some problem with the street address.

U-turn number two.

It did appear that we missed a turn or a street…and we had to make another u-turn…however we arrived safely and made it to our rooms at about 8:30 pm EST.

The team had a meeting schedule for 9:00 PM…scouting report and ETSU film. Coach Sanderson is very open and has always welcomed me to these types of team meetings. It is great to hear the scouting report and to see the game clips. I learned a lot tonight and hopefully it will be reflected in our broadcast on Saturday.

I really enjoy being around the players. We have a good group of guys. The coaches and the players are a close bunch—a real family.

10:00 pm---after the team meeting it was time for a diet Mountain Dew…a little snack…and then I went to work on my game prep. I have my score sheets ready…and I will have more work to do tomorrow when I get the game notes and the stats. Phone calls back home, emails and Podcast downloads have been keeping me busy tonight. It is almost time to call it a night…we load the bus around 9:30 am for a 10:00 am shoot around---the women play at 12:30 pm Nashville time and the Bisons play at 3:00 pm Nashville.
Til then….Put it in the Book.
Have a great weekend Journey! Share it

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