A Word From Walt
Last Sunday morning David Tucker used his trained
hands and a piece of clay to effectively remind all of us
that God (the Potter) is in the process of shaping us (the
Clay) – illustrating this year’s theme from Isaiah 64:8:
We are the clay, God is the potter.
Sunday night we asked the question –
What are some of the things God uses to shape our
The answers varied greatly among the hundreds of
excellent responses written on the index cards. However,
the answer most frequently mentioned – and it
was mentioned in countless ways – was that God has
used difficult and challenging circumstances to shape
the lives of people at Brentwood Hills.
Each of the categories listed below represent numerous responses –
· Losing a job
· Personal illness
· Illness or death of a spouse
· Illness or death of a child
· Depression
· Tragedy
· Financial disaster
· Pain
A quick glance at this list would lead you to believe these are the things that
could – and perhaps even should – destroy us. Yet people right here at Brentwood
Hills – people you worship with – have confidentially and recently acknowledged
that these are things God has used to shape and develop their lives.
The Fingers on God’s Hands
What God Uses to Shape Our Lives
Sunday nights in January
Tonight we will explore this timely and pertinent topic – using God’s Word to
remind all of us of what many already know from personal experience: God
works powerfully in our lives – even through the most difficult challenges. He
knows exactly what He’s doing – and He never makes a mistake!

See You Sunday....Walt Leaver

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