Jonathan’s Journey

Tuesday December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve, Eve

The boys and I had short night. We got to bed after mid-night after driving back to Mocksville from Elon University. The Bisons had a hard fought game—losing in overtime to the Phoenix 79-76.

We got early—Dad fixed some country ham and eggs (not Green eggs and ham) and after breakfast---we loaded the car---and Justin vacuumed the house while I washed the dishes.

We hit the road a little after 8 Nashville time…and about 4 hours later we stopped in Oak Ridge to visit Barbara’s parents and to eat lunch with them. We gave them a couple hours notice that we would be stopping by---so they prepared some sandwiches and other goodies for lunch! After lunch and a short visit…we are back on the road to Nolensville as our tour of I-40 continues!

I am taking advantage of Justin’s driving to catch-up on some work, a few emails and writing the Journey.

Barbara is busy at home---getting things ready for our neighborhood progressive Christmas dinner tonight. She has been doing some last minute grocery shopping this morning…and then getting the house ready…so she is ready for us to get home to help! She has a full Christmas Eve and Christmas Day planned for us…that will include taking the tree down Christmas Morning…so we can head to Oak Ridge again…for Christmas with her family. We gather back with my family on Friday.

Justin commented at lunch…that this is the most traveling we done over the holidays in some time! I usually have some type of Bison trip just before Christmas. The like to travel just before Christmas…so the players can fly out of the city we play in…to their hometowns…for a couple of days…before they return to practice on December 26th.

This year we head to Indiana to play on Sunday December 28th---we will have played 7 out of the last 8 games on the road! It will then be good to be home for the first three conference games in Allen Arena.
A lot of the church staff is on vacation this week. Several plan their vacation around our Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Traditionally we always take the week after Christmas to visit our families and enjoy the holidays! Board games, card games, football games, video games---will all be part of the holiday weekend.
I do look forward to our Christmas Eve devotional at Brentwood Hills tomorrow night…remember no classes…and the devotional will be at 5:45 pm---no classes at 6:00 pm.

We have experienced all types of weather on this trip…it started out sunny and cold this morning. Mocksville only get out of the 40’s today…and just before we got to Knoxville we hit rain…it stopped by the time we got to Oak Ridge…but now near the Crab Orchard it is raining again!

Justin is driving…Benjamin is playing a handheld video game…we are listening to the XM and I am listening to a Bison Game---and typing my Journey…what did we do before we had all of these electronic toys!

Where did the days of “Car Bingo” go?

I hope that you are ready for Christmas. I have enjoyed reading and looking at Christmas cards. I am sure Barbara has saved me a stack to go through when we get home. Many of you have sent pictures---and we love to see your children, etc. I also enjoy the emails and Christmas messages that many of you send.

The emails…and the messages shared by many of you ---help to put a little spice in the Journey!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I appreciate all of the comments about the Journey. I hope you enjoy following our Journey.

God has blessed up with a great year at Brentwood Hills. Like all years---it has been filled with good times and bad times. We have laughed together, mourned together and even cried together (seems I do that more and more---I still blame Kendal Yates…for what he put in the medicine when he put me to sleep during my surgery! Ha!)
I am looking forward to another great year. I have had my calendar out today…doing some planning for the year…I am excited about next year’s theme…”I am the clay—You are the potter”! Walt will kick off the year—with a special sermon on Sunday January 4th.

During the next two weeks…I will try to post updates on the Journey…but not sure that I will be able to write every day….but I will do the best I can. I am trying to take more pictures---and we are posting them in the Photo Galleries on the web site. We are also working on more “visual announcements” for Family Matters.

I wore the ‘red’ jacket this past week…so it is time to send it to the cleaners…and up put it up for a year. By the way…I have worn a different Christmas tie…almost every day…since Thanksgiving…I think I missed one or two days. I still have a about 5 or 6 Christmas ties that I won’t get to wear this year. I have a few with ‘snowmen’ (some are Christmas colors) that I will wear through the winter months!

Have a great Holiday…stay in touch! Share your Journey!

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